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When are the next Presidential Elections

When are the next Presidential Elections in the U. S. and who are the Presidential candidates for this election?

 The 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

That's not to far off in the near future but, because of the candidates we have running for the presidential office this time around - it's both too far away and too near for comfort.

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Who are the Presidential candidates for this election?

The Democrats have nominated Hillary Rodham Clinton, former first lady ( the Clinton/Lewinsky years), former Secretary of State (Benghazi) and former Senator from New York (which she and Bill moved to since she had the best chance to be elected to the Senate from New York - during her 8 years as Senator from New York, Hillary missed nearly 10% of the roll call Votes) (click here to review the Bills she sponsored while she was a Senator)

Businessman Donald J Trump won the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential elections. Mr Trump, of Donald Trump Business School and reality tv fame (among many other items of note) blasted on to the scene and took control of the Republican candidates and ran the Republican debates like no other candidate before in the history of televised presidential debates. His lack of self control has Donald Trump wrestling with a never ending cavalcade of sound bites painting him as a fringe dwelling wing-nut of American societies entitled elitist class, even though his core group of supporters are pissed off at that same entitled elitist class of Americans.

Why do we have this situation before us in the 2016 elections?

Never before in history have we seen two less liked candidates put forth as major party candidates for the office of President.

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J Trump are the most despised, major party candidates in American history.

Hillary Clinton is “strongly disliked” by 37 percent of voters and has a "Unfavorable" rating of 55.9 currently. That tops the percentage who couldn’t stand George W. Bush, or Dub-ya in 2004. Trump's disapproval rating has never before been seen in presidential politics, with 57 percent rating him as “strongly unfavorable.”

The stink from these two candidates is so bad it can't be voter outcome that has put them up against one another to be 45th U.S. President. It simply doesn't have an organic feel to it.

In the months and years to come - I wouldn't doubt that we start to hear about the orchestration of  the elections as performed by both Hillary and Donald as they worked to get Hillary Rodham Clinton elected and position Donald Trump son Donald Jr for future political office.

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