Sunday, January 22

Trump Administration White House Press Secretary Presents an Update on the Administrations Activities

The new White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer called a press briefing at the White House on Saturday. The first half of the press conference was spent informing the press that they were wrong for reporting the inauguration turnout inaccurately. Press Secretary Spicer insisted that the turnout for the inauguration was the largest ever in history though no one actually tracks the numbers for this type of event.

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President Trump spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau regarding strengthening the relationship between the United States and Canada. President Trump also spoke with Mexican Prime Minister Peña Nieto discussing a visit on trade and security set to take place on the 31st. In addition, President Trump is scheduled to receive his first foreign leader, United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday the 27th

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Press Secretary Spicer enters the Briefing Room at 1:33:27

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