Saturday, March 28

Pakistan Mosque Bombing

A mosque was bombed on Friday in Jamrod located in the northwest of Pakistan, near the Afghanistan border. The bombing occurred just a few hours before President Barack Obama announced the new plans for the Afghan region.

Friday is the most Holy day for Muslims, and the mosque was packed with those attending the services. Estimates place the total in the two story mosque to have been at around 250 worshipers.

The bomber made his way into the crowded mosque and detonated himself, killing 50 and wounding another 100 as the blast took down the Mosque itself. The wounded were wandering about trying to located others injured and trapped by the rubble of the collapsed building.

Two men were spotted fleeing the blast zone on Friday by police. They were arrested about 30 minutes after the bombing.

This suicide bombing was in the region populated by Islamic militants in and along the Afghanistan border, where NATO and the U.S. led forces have been clashing with the Taliban and al Qaeda militants.

The mosque had been frequented by Pakistani security officials who work along the supply route used by NATO from Pakistan into Afghanistan.

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  1. People who understand this region of Afghanistan Pakistan know very well how closely linked these two countries are. There is no practice border between to the two countries as same ethnic group lives on both sides of the border and does not recognise the international border. Also for ages, as Afghanistan is a land locked country, all its trade is conducted through Pakistan. Resolving Pakistan will resolve Afghanistan and vice versa so for the purposes of eliminating Al-Qaida, this region should be considered one continuous territory and Afpak is an apt name for it.

    By Sikander Hayat


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