Friday, March 27

A Real Bipartisan Congress?

A true bipartisan congress.

Democrats and Republicans working together in harmony for a better America.

Think it will happen?

No chance in hell..

This congress is to bitter. The Republicans have lost too many seats and are poised to loose more still. If Franken is seated this is a definite NO from the Party of No.

Think about it, if the Republicans start to work with the Democrats and moving forward in a bipartisan way then President Barack Obama will suddenly become a highly effective President and a shoe in for a reelection along with many of the Democrats in the Senate and Congress. If they however remain the Party of No they can make the President ineffectual and the American Bipolar voting machine could actually swing very quickly to the Republicans in hopes of getting something done.

The 2010 election cycle is already on it's way. The Democrats might have 4 seats in play, and again only need to pick up one seat to hit 60 if Franken does end up getting seated in the next few weeks.

The Republicans have about 12 seats in play this time around.

The No party is taking a big risk by playing this tactic, if they drop just half of the seats that are going to be in play they may never get back what they have lost.

What do you think, will we ever see a real bipartisan Congress this go round?
Will it work?

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