Sunday, April 12

Captain Richard Phillips Free - Pirates Killed

Richard Phillips, the Captain of the Maersk Line, Limited cargo ship, Maersk Alabama is free after spending 4 days as the captive of Somali pirates in a life boat.

The pirates were demanding $2 million in ransom for the release of the Captain.

Of the 4 pirates that held Captain Phillips, one decided to leave the life boat earlier this morning and surrendered to Navy personnel after a brief exchange of fire between the Navy and the pirates last night.

The defection by the pirate left behind 3 armed pirates who were in control of Captain Phillips and the stranded life boat. The life boat ran out of fuel off Gara’ad, Somalia and had been adrift since. It had little chance of evading the Navy Destroyer or the other U.S. Navy small craft in the area.

Around 7 p.m. Somalia time, on Sunday the U.S. Navy opened fire on the pirates and killed all three remaining pirates.

Members of other the Somalian pirate clans have said that they will have there revenge if they get an American.

The US Navy Destroyer Bainbridge received Capt. Phillips was after his rescue from the Alabama's life boat.

Capt. Phillips was then flown by helicopter to a second Navy ship for a routine medical examination.

Captain Phillips has been allowed to contact his family and inform them of his rescue.

With France and America taking the lead on the pirate situation in Somalia, the other nations of the world should join together and take a hard line with the pirate activities off and around the Somali coast.

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