Wednesday, February 10

Newt Gingrich Wrong Again

John Stewert had former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich on the Daily Show as a guest. As always Gingrich had less than positive things to say about the Democratic party, and this time as so many previous times has decided to take aim at President Obama.

His main grip this time is in regard to the handling of the Pantie-Bomber. Gingrich feels that the military is better equipped to deal with the suspected terrorist than the FBI. He feels that the suspected (I still don't like calling him that - I mean he was caught with a crotch full of fire (I keep hearing "Great Balls of Fire" playing in my head when I hear about this guy)) should have never been handed over to the FBI and that the suspect (like it less every time I use the phrase) should not have been mirandized.

Gingrich also apparently does not know recent history. In an answer to John Stewert asking about the Shoe Bomber being read his Miranda rights Gingrich seems to think Reid was a US citizen.

Mr. Gingrich:
The American public doesn't understand reading Miranda rights to terrorists in Detroit when it's fairly obvious they're terrorists.
Mr. Stewart:
The only thing I would say to that is didn't they do the same with Richard Reid who was the show bomber?
Mr. Gingrich:
Richard Reid was an American citizen.

The truth is that Richard Reid also known as Abdul Raheem and Tariq Raja, was born a British citizen in Bromley, South London.

He was read his Miranda rights just minutes after being taken off of a plane that he tried to blow up. Reid was immediately taken into custody after the incident. Three days later he was charged in U.S. federal court at Boston, Massachusetts in a criminal complaint with "interfering with the performance of duties of flight crew members by assault or intimidation".

The same critics who are trying to score political points off of the failed Christmas Day attack today were silent when Reid was handled in the same way.

Today, Richard Reid is serving a life sentence in a Supermax prison.

He was and is a criminal as is the Pantie-Bomber. They are not soldiers and due not deserve the same courtesy that we would afford our enemy in a war. He was a private citizen with an affiliation to a terrorist group. Not a government not a country, to an international terrorist organization.

Try him in a public court and put him away for life. Then put him and the shoe-bomber in glass cells right in the heart of New York city or maybe we move them around every few weeks in these glass cells and let the people of the US throw feces at them or better yet, have a week long festival where they are paraded through town with ropes leading them through public streets filled with the people who were directly affected by the actions of there groups and allow each of those people to throw dog feces at them. Keep them healthy and continue this every year until the shoe-bomber and the pantie-bomber die of old age.

Currently Abdul mutallab (AKA: the Pantie-Bomber or Skid-marks) is being held in a federal prison in York Charter Township, Michigan. Abdul mutallab was charged on December 26, 2009, in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, with two criminal counts: attempting to blow up and placing a destructive device on a U.S. civil aircraft. Additional charges were added in a grand jury indictment on January 6, 2010, including attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempted murder of 289 people.

If convicted he faces Life plus 90 years. Abdul Mutallab has been cooperating with investigators and handing intelligence over to the US on his contacts in the terror organization. So far it seems to be working better than water-boarding.

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