Wednesday, February 10

Pakistani Taliban Leader Confirmed Dead

Pakistani officials have confirmed that Pakistan's Taliban leader has been killed. Hakimullah Mehsud has apparently died from injuries he sustained in a American strike carried out by drones on January 14th. The Pakistani Taliban continue to deny that Mehsud has been killed and seem to be using the same stall tactic as they used after the previous Paki-Tal leader was killed 6 months ago to allow them to select a new leader.

The Paki-Tal has been weakened in recent months as teh region is beginning to become less and less friendly for the al-Qaida linked militant group of whack jobs and holy-suicide-vest wearing nuts. But that does not mean they are backing off on there offensive. Earlier today suicide nut-jobs struck a vehicle carrying tribal police near Afghanistan's boarder killing at least 17 people.

Meanwhile the Pakistan government is offering to mediate US. / Taliban negotiations in an effort to stop the war that is raging in there country.

I would rather the Pakistan government were more dedicated to flushing out the nut-jobs that are hidden within there boarders and help burn them to the ground. The only way we should negotiate with the leadership of the Taliban or al-Quida is with a pistol to there temples and the trigger cocked. Once they are all dead we can talk about them surrendering.

NATO needs to modify the rules of engagement.

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