Monday, February 15

The Presidential retreat and the week ahead Feb 13 to Feb 19 2010

The President and first family spent this past weekend at Camp David in western Maryland's Catoctin Mountains.

This past weekends visit was the first by the Obama's since September 6th of 2009. This trip is also a year after the first trip that President Obama and the first family made to the Presidential retreat.

The President returned to the White House at 8:44 Pm. The First Family returned early from Camp David because of the weather.

A look at the President's Week Ahead:

Monday February 15th 2010 Schedule:
President Obama has no publicly scheduled appointments today.

Tuesday February 16:
President Obama is scheduled to visit a jobs training center in the DC area.

Wednesday February 17:
The President is to meet with Spanish King Juan Carlos I at the White House.

Thursday February 18:
President Obama is to meet with the Dalai Lama today at the White House. The President will then be in Denver, Colorado to attend a fundraiser being held for Senator Bennet. Later in the day, according to the White House, he will be traveling to Las Vegas to attend a DNC event in honor of Senator Reid. The president is expected to stay overnight in Las Vegas.

Friday February 19:
President Obama will be attending several additional events with Senator Reid and visiting with local business owners and citizens. President Obama will be returning to DC on Friday evening.

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1 comment:

  1. Leo Sarabia6:32 PM EST

    President Obama works very hard. I do not want to look to the past. I wish him well as he looks for solutions to the many issues facing America.


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