Wednesday, February 10

Toyota still looking for day light at the end of the tunnel

The news for Toyota just keeps getting worse.

If you own stock in that company, you either want to sell it now or with any amount of luck have already done so.

Recall after recall and there seems to be no end in sight for how deep the trouble with the company will go.

Europeans have typically not been overly interested in Toyota's offerings. But the environmentalist movement in Europe is strong and many have fallen in love with the Prius model. But now even the European market has been put on notice with a second recall. The first recall affected 1.8 million Toyota vehicles and that recall wasn't performed at the same time as the news of the automakers defects hitting the US. It was delayed by a week and the recall was for the same defects as the recalls in the US.

This time 50,000 Priuses have been recalled in Europe. Adding to the long laundry list of recalls that the manufacturer has made recently.

What is this recall for? Is it the "floor mat throttle" problem? Well, yes it is. Except we now know that the throttle problem is not caused by the floor mat. The "just take your floor mat out and your safe" BS just isn't going to fix this one. The truth is that this is a software problem causing the car to accelerate even when the gas pedal does not have pressure applied to it.

It sounds to me like the best advise for owners of these vehicles beyond trading them in for American made models would be to park them in the dealerships lots with signs on them saying you wont drive this POS until they own up and fix the garbage they shipped to us.

Now, just to add fuel to the already white hot fire spreading across Toyota's Motor Corps future plans, the US Government wants to hold hearings over the next few weeks to establish the facts behind the possible cover-up that have taken place since the problems wit the vehicles were first discovered. Which by some accounts dates back to 2007.

The bright side for the consumers of these less than quality products?

They will soon be worth even less when looking to trade them in or sell them out right - Toyota has begun lowering there prices in an effort to gain sales. That's a resale nightmare for anyone who currently owns a Toyota.

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