Monday, February 21

Libya is the next house of cards to crumble

Many of the middle eastern countries are held together by an iron fist of violence and threats of death to keep the citizens in line and following the leadership.

The protests and outcries from the citizens of Egypt may have caused more freedom than just its own.

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi appears to have lost his control.

Reports have Gadafi not in his country, but half way around the globe in Tripoli.

Many suspected that Gadhafi ran to seek shelter from his longtime comrade and ally, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez.

Venezuela's leadership denies Gadhafi's presence.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro released a statement claiming that he learned of Gadhafi being in Tripoli during a phone conversation with a Libyan official.

The Libyan leadership is leaving quickly.

Justice Minister Mustafa Abduljelil resigned over the use of military force against the people.

Human Rights Watch estimates the current death toll at 233 during the 4 days of protesting in 5 major cities.

Reports claim that pilots flew their fighter jets to Malta and defected rather than follow orders to drop ordinance on the civilians protesting.

Libyan Army units have defected and joined the protesters.

Ambassadors to India, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Poland and the Arab League resigned to protest the violence used against the demonstrators. The ambassador to the United States announced last evening he too is “with the protesters.”

The "Mad Dog of the Middle East" who seized power during a coup in September of 1969, may have just put himself in the line of direct, clear fire. He is the one Middle Eastern leader who taunted the United States and has survived, so far.

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