Monday, August 22

NASA hangs $8 Billion price tag on the new Space Telescope

I get upset when I buy a new camera and a week later it is rendered obsolete by a new camera that costs the same as what I just spent on what is now a less desirable piece of equipment.

I wonder how cutting edge this new, $8 Billion dollar telescope (that's $2 Billion more than the previous estimates of required funding) will be.

the James Webb Space Telescope is not scheduled to launch into orbit until 2018!

Then factor in the notion that we wont be the ones sending it into space as we no longer have a space going vehicle, but will be looking to countries like Russia to send it into space for a price.

Is there much of a question as to why some are looking to cancel the project?

Read more about the James Webb Space Telescope here

BBC News - JWST price tag now put at over $8bn

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