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So are all Americans Republicans since all we hear is how the Majority of Americans either want or don't want something Republicans do or don't want

Who is America?

I keep hearing that "the People" either want or don't want something - it seems that the statements are usually the opposite of what I hear people who are not in the elected leadership are saying "the people" are saying.

So who the hell are these "people" of whom the Democrats and Republicans speak of?

First, lets break down who our leaders are:

President and Vice-President Democrat

House of Representatives - made up of 435 Members
192 are Democrats and 240 are Republicans. Currently there are 3 Vacancies.
361 are White, 44 are Black, 25 are Hispanic, 7 are Asian and 1 member is an American Indian.
362 are men and 76 are women.

Senate - made up of 100 Members
51 are Democrats and 47 Republicans while 2 are Independents.
96 are White, none are black, 2 are Hispanic, 2 are Asian and none are American Indian.
83 are men and 17 members are women.


so that is our leadership - more or less.

How about the citizens that make up America - let's take a look.

Currently there are more than 312 million citizens in the United States.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Out of the 312 Million citizens, there are roughly 169 million registered voters. That's just over 54% of the population.

55 million are registered Republicans but there are roughly 72 million Democrats. And just to whirl things up a little more - there are roughly 42 million registered independents.

50.4% of all Americans are female while 49.6% are male.

17% of Americans claim no religion while 59% of Americans claim to believe in God. 60% of those who believe claim Christianity as the belief base they follow and 2.1% claim to be Jewish and the remainder are made up of followers of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Native American faiths.

So again I ask - who are these "people" whom they say want all these things that I never hear them saying they want?

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