Tuesday, April 10

This election year will cause the biggest divide in our nation

President Obama spoke earlier today in Florida while on the campaign trail, drumming up contributions for the Democrats.

The dust has barely settled on the Santorum news as President Obama shifts gears and tactics.

Romney will be the one running on the GOP ticket without doubt now and it seems that President Obama does not want to waste time rallying the troops to his side.

Will the early charge give him and the Democrats enough traction to pull of a Johnson scale victory?

In 1964, after the Kennedy assassination, Lyndon Baines Johnson captured 44 state races and held 61 percent of the popular vote against the GOP contender, Barry Goldwater.

A race that ended up as one of the greatest Democratic landslides in U.S. history.

President Obama has made mention of this historic race already and seems to be looking for the ground swell to start gaining the momentum needed to create such a surge.

With the lackluster turnout at the polls recently in several states for the GOP nominations, does Obama have a point?

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