Thursday, May 24

4300 GM Cars to be Recalled for Safety

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General Motors is recalling a relatively small (looking at other recalls from Toyota, Ford and GM in the past) yet still significant amount of specific vehicles for Airbag issues.

There is a possible issue with the Chevy Malibu Eco (MSRP Base Price of $25,235.00) might in rare cases under extremely aggressive turning, have the roof rail airbags might deploy. GM also said there may be another issue where the airbags and safety belt pretensioners might not deploy at all.

No crashes or injuries have been reported in connection to these issues.

4,300 cars are reportedly included in the recall at this time.

Owners will be notified by letters mailed to car owners on June 1 with instructions to have the reprogramming done at a GM dealership at no cost to the owner.

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