Tuesday, May 15

CBS calls Obama's anti-Romney ad mirror of Kennedy Anti-Romney Senatorial ad campaign in 94

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One of his most biting commercials Romney ran during the 1994 Senate race accused Senator Ted Kennedy of making big profits on a real estate deal in Washington "at taxpayers' expense." The Senator ran a series of commercials accusing Mitt Romney of making profits on a deal that cost hundreds of workers' jobs in Indiana, like this one:

Bain Capital purchased American Pad & Paper also known as Ampad in 1992.

Ampad was founded in 1888 by Thomas W. Holley, a paper mill employee, in Holyoke, Massachusetts. By the end of World War II, the company had expanded outside of Massachusetts and established international markets. In 1986 the Meade Corporation purchased AmPad.

The firm was founded in 1984 by partners from the consulting firm Bain & Company, Mitt Romney, T. Coleman Andrews III and Eric Kriss. Bain Capitol has it's headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts with offices in Chicago, New York, London, Palo Alto, Luxembourg, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Mumbai. Bain Capitol lists 115 companies that are currently in the portfolio, 21 of which are Health Care providers or service companies.
About Bain Capitol and the portfolio they keep.

If digging up this information didn't sit well, just wait until the Obama campaign starts to unearth the Republican party from years past standing against Romney.

Even McCain called Romney out for Flip-Flopping and "strongly held beliefs".

For Mitt Romney, the son of George W. Romney, the former Governor of Michigan whose comment about having been brainwashed in Vietnam ended his bid for the Presidency in 1968, this may be far from the last bit of the past that is dug up during this run for the Presidency.

***See Team Romney's response - American Dream - here

Read the CBS News story "Obama team's attack on Romney mirrors 1994 race" by Stephanie Condon at this link: CBS News: Obama Team's Attack on Romney

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