Saturday, May 12

Potential Employers requiring Facebook and Social Media Passwords - is it Legal?

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Should potential Employers be able to require applicants to surrender their passwords and grant access to Facebook and other social media sites?

Some employers and schools have demanded that applicants hand over their Facebook passwords so they can view their profiles.

California is one step closer to becoming one of the first states to ban companies from asking job seekers and workers for their user names and passwords.

The Password Protection Act of 2012 would make it illegal for employers to force current or potential employees to hand over access to their passwords.

Would you support this legislation or would you rather turn over your passwords and account information?

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3:42 PM EDT

    the government reads all of those without telling anyone they are.this is just one more way for the government and businesses to get access to our personal lives and and take away more of our privacy. I don't feel that they should be aloud to do that


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