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What does the Health Care Act ruling mean for the individual states?

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What does the Health Care Act ruling mean for the individual states?

Some states will now be forced to scramble to meet the Health Care Act's requirements as they had held off in setting up the required exchanges in hopes of the Supreme Court's dismantling of the law.

The open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act is just 13 months away, and with the Supreme Court ruling that this act is Constitutional there is little short of an Administration change that will stop it taking effect in October of 2013.

In 2014 insurance companies will no-longer be able to charge more for people who have preexisting health care issues nor will they be able to turn them away from coverage.

This law will actually effect relatively few people as 8 out of 10 Americans already have health insurance, but those 2 in 10 (roughly 50,000,000 U.S. citizens) will be forced to purchase and carry health insurance or pay a fee - now considered a tax for all intensive purposes.

Only 14 states have put the required exchanges and other systems in place or have plans in place currently to make the adoption of the new rule set easy to achieve.

The other 36 states are not prepared.

According to the Affordable Health Care act, if individual states are not setup and prepared for the new laws to take effect, the Federal Government will step in.

The states plans for the exchanges are due to be turned in this fall.

These exchanges are to be run on the internet much like our health insurance sponsor does now.

Some speculate however that this will force insurance rates to rise sharply for those who are not currently enrolled in plans when the new laws take effect.

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