Wednesday, January 9

Biden to hold gun-summit at White House

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Vice President Biden will be victims groups and gun safety advocate groups today at the White House in an effort to gather suggestions and proposals to curb gun related violence in the wake of the December 14th Newtown Connecticut school shootings. 

The NRA and other gun-owner groups will be meeting with Vice President Biden at the White House tomorrow. Members of the entertainment industry, including video game makers and film production companies will  meet with him on Friday.

The meetings are an effort to fulfill President Obama's request for proposals to be submitted to him by the end of January.

President Obama is currently looking to have Congress reinstate the previous ban on military style assault weapons and restrict high volume magazine sales. 

Several other issues have also been brought up inn the past few weeks including the sale of arms at "gun shows" at which background checks can be skirted or worked around. 

Some of the current recommendations coming from the Vice Presidents group are moving gun trafficking into a felony classification, prosecution of falsification on background check documentation.

The suggestions are expected to be acted upon quickly as President Obama promised swift action on the recommendations that are brought forward from the Vice Presidents work-group. 

The actions are expected to include the use of Executive Order and Legislation.

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