Wednesday, January 9

Department of Defense to share unlicensed Wi-Fi spectrum according to FCC

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America has been devouring Wi-Fi bandwidth at an unbelievable rate. With new phones, tablets and handheld devices coming online every minute of every day we are running out of bandwidth quickly. 

The FCC announced plans today to open up huge tracks of unlicensed spectrum to unclog the information highway.

According to the FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski "we've got to do something about this"

The spectrum that Genachowski is planning to free up is in the 5-GHz band. The spectrum is currently in use by the Department of Defense and other governmental agencies. 

"As in other areas," Genakowski said, "we are convinced the spectrum can be shared."

"We're moving forward at a Commission proceeding next month," he said, "because we don't want to wait until we've worked out every problem and say, 'Okay, now we've done it.' We're moving forward with it, and we're going to work out the problems as we go."

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