Thursday, May 2

California Governor Brown Green Lights Plans to Confiscate 40 Thousand Guns

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Jerry Brown (D) Governor of California has given the "green light" on plans to confiscate 40,000 hand guns and firearms from Californians this summer that were purchased legally.

Gov. Brown signed legislation Wednesday that will provide $24 million in funding to seize firearms from approximately 20,000 Californians who purchased them legally. The gun owners were later disqualified due to criminal convictions, restraining orders or serious mental illness that arose or were diagnosed after the guns were purchased. The list of disqualified Californian gun owners maintained by the California Department of Justice grows by 15 to 20 every day.

This Bill is the first of a dozen new gun control efforts to pass both houses in California and make it to the Governors desk for signing. The Bill will put another 36 agents in the field and the California gun seizures are expected to start in July of this year.

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