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President George W Bush Administration Executive Orders 2004

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The 43rd President of the United States George W. Bush, was the son of the 41st President George H. W. Bush.

President Bush (referred to by many as W) served two terms in office from 2001 to 2009.

President George W Bush enacted 291 executive orders in his 2922 days in office.

His Executive Orders started in the Federal Record at E.O. 13198 and ran to E.O. 13488.

In 2004 President Bush signed 45 Executive Orders into law.

In contrast, President Obama, the 44th and current President of the United States signed 39 Executive Orders in 2012, his fourth year in office. You can read them by clicking here.

All links to George W. Bush Executive Orders will be in free PDF's and will open in new windows.

Learn more about the Constitutional right to use the Presidential Executive Order and what other Presidents have used it and how they have used the Power of the Executive Order by clicking here.

Executive Order 13324 Signed: January 15, 2004
Termination of National Emergency With Respect to Sierra Leone and Liberia

Executive Order 13325 Signed: January 23, 2004
Amendment to Executive Order 12293, the Foreign Service of the United States

Executive Order 13326 Signed: January 27, 2004
President's Commission on Implementation of United States Space Exploration Policy

Executive Order 13327 Signed: February 4, 2004
Federal Real Property Asset Management

Executive Order 13328 Signed: February 6, 2004
Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction

Executive Order 13329 Signed: February 24, 2004
Encouraging Innovation in Manufacturing

Executive Order 13330 Signed: February 24, 2004
Human Service Transportation Coordination

Executive Order 13331 Signed: February 27, 2004
National and Community Service Programs

Executive Order 13332 Signed: March 3, 2004
Further Adjustment of Certain Rates of Pay

Executive Order 13333 Signed: March 16, 2004
Amending Executive Order 13257 To Implement the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2003

Executive Order 13334 Signed: April 10, 2004
Establishing an Emergency Board To Investigate a Dispute Between the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and its Conductors Represented by the United Transportation Union

Executive Order 13335 Signed: April 27, 2004
Incentives for the Use of Health Information Technology and Establishing the Position of the National Health Information Technology Coordinator

Executive Order 13336 Signed: April 30, 2004
American Indian and Alaska Native Education

Executive Order 13337 Signed: April 30, 2004
Issuance of Permits With Respect to Certain Energy-Related Facilities and Land Transportation Crossings on the International Boundaries of the United States

Executive Order 13338 Signed: May 11, 2004
Blocking Property of Certain Persons and Prohibiting the Export of Certain Goods to Syria

Executive Order 13339 Signed: May 13, 2004
Increasing Economic Opportunity and Business Participation of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Executive Order 13340 Signed: May 18, 2004
Establishment of Great Lakes Interagency Task Force and Promotion of a Regional Collaboration of National Significance for the Great Lakes

Executive Order 13341 Signed: May 20, 2004
Further Amendment to Executive Order 11023, Providing for the Performance by the Secretary of Commerce of Certain Functions Relating to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Executive Order 13342 Signed: June 1, 2004
Responsibility of the Departments of Commerce and Veterans Affairs and the Small Business Administration With Respect to Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

Executive Order 13343 Signed: June 6, 2004
Providing for the Closing of Government Departments and Agencies on June 11, 2004

Executive Order 13344 Signed: July 7, 2004
Amending Executive Order 13261 on the Order of Succession in the Environmental Protection Agency

Executive Order 13345 Signed: July 8, 2004
Assigning Foreign Affairs Functions and Implementing the Enterprise for the Americas Initiative and the Tropical Forest Conservation Act

Executive Order 13346 Signed: July 8, 2004
Delegation of Certain Waiver, Determination, Certification, Recommendation, and Reporting Functions

Executive Order 13347 Signed: July 22, 2004
Individuals With Disabilities in Emergency Preparedness

Executive Order 13348 Signed: July 22, 2004
Blocking Property of Certain Persons and Prohibiting the Importation of Certain Goods from Liberia

Executive Order 13349 Signed: July 23, 2004
Amending Executive Order 13326 to Designate the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology to Serve as the National Nanotechnology Panel

Executive Order 13350 Signed: July 29, 2004
Termination of Emergency Declared in Executive Order 12722 With Respect to Iraq and Modification of Executive Order 13290, Executive Order 13303, and Executive Order 13315

Revokes: EO 12722, August 2, 1990; EO 12724, August 9, 1990; EO 12734, November 14, 1990;EO 12743, January 18, 1991; EO 12751, February 14, 1991; EO 12817, October 21, 1992
Amends: EO 13290, March 20, 2003
Supersedes in part: EO 13315, August 28, 2003

Executive Order 13351 Signed: August 9, 2004
Establishing an Emergency Board To Investigate a Dispute Between the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and Its Conductors Represented by the United Transportation Union

Executive Order 13352 Signed: August 26, 2004
Facilitation of Cooperative Conservation

Executive Order 13353 Signed: August 27, 2004
Establishing the President's Board on Safeguarding Americans' Civil Liberties

Executive Order 13354 Signed: August 27, 2004
National Counterterrorism Center

Executive Order 13355 Signed: August 27, 2004
Strengthened Management of the Intelligence Community

Executive Order 13356 Signed: August 27, 2004
Strengthening the Sharing of Terrorism Information To Protect Americans

Executive Order 13357 Signed: September 20, 2004
Termination of Emergency Declared in Executive Order 12543 With Respect to the Policies and Actions of the Government of Libya and Revocation of Related Executive Orders

Revokes: EO 12538, November 15, 1985; EO 12543, January 7, 1986; EO 12544, January 8, 1986;EO 12801, April 15, 1992

Executive Order 13358 Signed: September 28, 2004
Assignment of Functions Relating to Certain Appointments, Promotions, and Commissions in the Armed Forces

Executive Order 13359 Signed: October 20, 2004
Amendment to Executive Order 13173, Interagency Task Force on the Economic Development of the Central San Joaquin Valley

Executive Order 13360 Signed: October 20, 2004
Providing Opportunities for Service-Disabled Veteran Businesses To Increase Their Federal Contracting and Subcontracting

Executive Order 13361 Signed: November 16, 2004
Assignment of Functions Under the United States Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Act of 2003

Executive Order 13362 Signed: November 29, 2004
Designation of Additional Officers for the Department of Homeland Security Order of Succession

Executive Order 13363 Signed: November 29, 2004
Establishing the Afghanistan and Iraq Campaign Medals

Executive Order 13364 Signed: November 29, 2004
Modifying the Protection Granted to the Development Fund for Iraq and Certain Property in Which Iraq Has an Interest and Protecting the Central Bank of Iraq

Amends: EO 13303, May 22, 2003

Executive Order 13365 Signed: December 3, 2004
2004 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States

Executive Order 13366 Signed: December 17, 2004
Committee on Ocean Policy
Executive Order 13367 Signed: December 21, 2004
United States-Mexico Border Health Commission

Executive Order 13368 Signed: December 30, 2004
Adjustment of Certain Rates of Pay

Supersedes: EO 13332, March 3, 2004

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