Friday, February 3

Remarks by President Trump at Signing of Executive Order on Fiduciary Rule

White House - Oval Office

President Trump:  Today we're signing core principles for regulating the United States financial system.  It doesn’t get much better than that, right?

Would you like to --

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MS. Wagner:  It's my baby.  (Laughter.)

President Trump:  Why don’t you explain this.

MS. Wagner:  What we're doing is we are returning to the American people, low- and middle- income investors, and retirees, their control of their own retirement savings.  This is about Main Street, and it's been a labor of love for me for over four years as chairman.  And I have had -- this is a big day, a big moment for Americans.  (Inaudible.)

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President Trump:  And she means that so much.

(Executive order is signed.)

President Trump:  Chairman, I think we should hand the pen to this very special person.

PARTICIPANT:  Absolutely, Mr. President.  She earned it.  She earned it.

President Trump:  Thank you.

MS. Wagner:  Thank you.  I'm grateful.

Question:    Mr. President, do you have anything to say about the decision to make the Iran -- should they be expecting more?

President Trump:  They're not behaving.

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