Friday, February 5

Somethings Brewing in Tennessee - and It's Not Whiskey

Ah yes - there is something brewing in Tennessee and it might be the end of the off shoot of radicals known as Teabaggers. Why are they radicals? Because they call themselves TeaBaggers of course.

What is brewing you ask? Profiteering! Capitalism at it's best?

Remember back on January 8th when we were the first ones to start poking at the cost of the National Tea Party Convention and the fact that the National Tea Party Convention was a for profit enterprise? We'll today is the big kick off and profits might be soaring.

Or they might be tanking.

After marketing and a national call for attendance close to 600 .. 600? Does that qualify as a movement? Or does that mean that the majority of people who would have attended figured out that it was a fleecing and decided to keep there money rather than fork it over?

I guess they might have drawn enough attendees to come close to breaking even on costs at least.

Let's see they are close to having 600 - in marketing speak that could mean they have 501 attendees but we will go ahead and say they have a full 600 heads.

600 heads at the minimum gate fee for the Convention Only ticket = $349.00 + the $9.71 fee (that is assuming the majority would opt for the reduced ticket price (value Meal TeaParty)) would total $215,226.00

Or we could also assume that they sold nothing but 600 heads of full National Tea Party Nation Convention tickets at just $549.00 + the $9.95 fee and the sales would total $335,370.00 (just another side note - they definitely didn't sell out of the whole event tickets - it seems interest in F's newest employee has faded)

We know Sarah Palin charged $100,000 for her Key Note speech to be delivered on Saturday night as the close to the events festivities. That would put the gate value at $235,370.00 (or $115,226.00 if people opted for the Value Meal McTeaParty)and they had other speakers and fees to cover. Was this for profit or for loss? Just how did the numbers boil-down in the end? Can we see your books?

I guess you have to count the contributions from there sponsors in the mix. There are, well I would almost guess that one of the Silver Sponsors is a company that the TeaPartyNation promoters own themselves. Hey Rachel, look into this.

Just one more side note here: according to the TeaPartynation website there is some great news! - TICKETS TO THE BANQUET WITH GOV. PALIN ARE STILL AVAILABLE!!!!! I'm sure Olbermann and Rachel Maddow will enjoy that little bit of information too.

*Ticket Pricing and Ticket information was found and is available at

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