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Signed Legislation: Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2015 (part II)

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      Sec. 3001. Short title.
      Sec. 3002. Definitions.
      Sec. 3003. Metropolitan and statewide transportation planning.
      Sec. 3004. Urbanized area formula grants.
      Sec. 3005. Fixed guideway capital investment grants.
      Sec. 3006. Formula grants for enhanced mobility of seniors and individuals with disabilities.
      Sec. 3007. Formula grants for rural areas.
      Sec. 3008. Public transportation innovation.
      Sec. 3009. Technical assistance and workforce development.
      Sec. 3010. Bicycle facilities.
      Sec. 3011. General provisions.
      Sec. 3012. Public transportation safety program.
      Sec. 3013. Apportionments.
      Sec. 3014. State of good repair grants.
      Sec. 3015. Authorizations.
      Sec. 3016. Bus and bus facility grants.
      Sec. 3017. Obligation ceiling.
      Sec. 3018. Innovative procurement.
      Sec. 3019. Review of public transportation safety standards.
      Sec. 3020. Study on evidentiary protection for public transportation safety program information.
      Sec. 3021. Mobility of seniors and individuals with disabilities.
      Sec. 3022. Improved transit safety measures.
      Sec. 3023. Paratransit system under FTA approved coordinated plan.
      Sec. 3024. Report on potential of Internet of Things.
      Sec. 3025. Report on parking safety.
      Sec. 3026. Appointment of directors of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.
      Sec. 3027. Effectiveness of public transportation changes and funding.
      Sec. 3028. Increase support for Growing States.

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      Sec. 4001. Authorization of appropriations.
      Sec. 4002. Highway safety programs.
      Sec. 4003. Highway safety research and development.
      Sec. 4004. High-visibility enforcement program.
      Sec. 4005. National priority safety programs.
      Sec. 4006. Prohibition on funds to check helmet usage or create related checkpoints for a motorcycle driver or passenger.
      Sec. 4007. Marijuana-impaired driving.
      Sec. 4008. National priority safety program grant eligibility.
      Sec. 4009. Data collection.
      Sec. 4010. Technical corrections.


Subtitle A--Motor Carrier Safety Grant Consolidation

      Sec. 5101. Grants to States.
      Sec. 5102. Performance and registration information systems management.
      Sec. 5103. Authorization of appropriations.
      Sec. 5104. Commercial driver's license program implementation.
      Sec. 5105. Extension of Federal motor carrier safety programs for fiscal year 2016.
      Sec. 5106. Motor carrier safety assistance program allocation.
      Sec. 5107. Maintenance of effort calculation.

Subtitle B--Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Reform

Part I--Regulatory Reform

      Sec. 5201. Notice of cancellation of insurance.
      Sec. 5202. Regulations.
      Sec. 5203. Guidance.
      Sec. 5204. Petitions.

Part II--Compliance, Safety, Accountability Reform

      Sec. 5221. Correlation study.
      Sec. 5222. Beyond compliance.
      Sec. 5223. Data certification.
      Sec. 5224. Interim hiring standard.

Subtitle C--Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety

      Sec. 5301. Implementing safety requirements.
      Sec. 5302. Windshield mounted safety technology.
      Sec. 5303. Prioritizing statutory rulemakings.
      Sec. 5304. Safety reporting system.
      Sec. 5305. New entrant safety review program.
      Sec. 5306. Ready mixed concrete trucks.

Subtitle D--Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers

      Sec. 5401. Opportunities for veterans.
      Sec. 5402. Drug-free commercial drivers.
      Sec. 5403. Certified medical examiners.
      Sec. 5404. Graduated commercial driver's license pilot program.
      Sec. 5405. Veterans expanded trucking opportunities.

Subtitle E--General Provisions

      Sec. 5501. Minimum financial responsibility.
      Sec. 5502. Delays in goods movement.
      Sec. 5503. Report on motor carrier financial responsibility.
      Sec. 5504. Emergency route working group.
      Sec. 5505. Household goods consumer protection working group.
      Sec. 5506. Technology improvements.
      Sec. 5507. Notification regarding motor carrier registration.
      Sec. 5508. Report on commercial driver's license skills test delays.
      Sec. 5509. Covered farm vehicles.
      Sec. 5510. Operators of hi-rail vehicles.
      Sec. 5511. Electronic logging device requirements.
      Sec. 5512. Technical corrections.
      Sec. 5513. Automobile transporter.
      Sec. 5514. Ready mix concrete delivery vehicles.
      Sec. 5515. Safety study regarding double-decker motorcoaches.
      Sec. 5516. Transportation of construction materials and equipment.
      Sec. 5517. Commercial delivery of light- and medium-duty trailers.
      Sec. 5518. GAO Review of school bus safety.


      Sec. 6001. Short title.
      Sec. 6002. Authorization of appropriations.
      Sec. 6003. Advanced transportation and congestion management technologies deployment.
      Sec. 6004. Technology and innovation deployment program.
      Sec. 6005. Intelligent transportation system goals.
      Sec. 6006. Intelligent transportation system program report.
      Sec. 6007. Intelligent transportation system national architecture and standards.
      Sec. 6008. Communication systems deployment report.
      Sec. 6009. Infrastructure development.
      Sec. 6010. Departmental research programs.
      Sec. 6011. Research and Innovative Technology Administration.
      Sec. 6012. Office of Intermodalism.
      Sec. 6013. University transportation centers.
      Sec. 6014. Bureau of Transportation Statistics.
      Sec. 6015. Surface transportation system funding alternatives.
      Sec. 6016. Future interstate study.
      Sec. 6017. Highway efficiency.
      Sec. 6018. Motorcycle safety.
      Sec. 6019. Hazardous materials research and development.
      Sec. 6020. Web-based training for emergency responders.
      Sec. 6021. Transportation technology policy working group.
      Sec. 6022. Collaboration and support.
      Sec. 6023. Prize competitions.
      Sec. 6024. GAO report.
      Sec. 6025. Intelligent transportation system purposes.
      Sec. 6026. Infrastructure integrity.
      Sec. 6027. Transportation research and development 5-year strategic plan.
      Sec. 6028. Traffic congestion.
      Sec. 6029. Rail safety.
      Sec. 6030. Study and report on reducing the amount of vehicles owned by certain Federal departments and increasing the use of commercial ride-sharing by those departments.


      Sec. 7001. Short title.
      Sec. 7002. Authorization of appropriations.
      Sec. 7003. National emergency and disaster response.
      Sec. 7004. Enhanced reporting.
      Sec. 7005. Wetlines.
      Sec. 7006. Improving publication of special permits and approvals.
      Sec. 7007. GAO study on acceptance of classification examinations.
      Sec. 7008. Improving the effectiveness of planning and training grants.
      Sec. 7009. Motor carrier safety permits.
      Sec. 7010. Thermal blankets.
      Sec. 7011. Comprehensive oil spill response plans.
      Sec. 7012. Information on high-hazard flammable trains.
      Sec. 7013. Study and testing of electronically controlled pneumatic brakes.
      Sec. 7014. Study on the efficacy and implementation of the European Train Control System.
      Sec. 7015. Phase-out of all tank cars used to transport Class 3 flammable liquids.
      Sec. 7016. Track safety: Vertical Track Deflection.
      Sec. 7017. Minimum requirements for top fittings protection for class DOT-117R tank cars.
      Sec. 7018. Hazardous materials endorsement exemption.
      Sec. 7019. Hazardous materials by rail liability study.


      Sec. 8001. Multimodal freight transportation.


      Sec. 9001. National Surface Transportation and Innovative Finance Bureau.
      Sec. 9002. Council on Credit and Finance.


      Sec. 10001. Allocations.
      Sec. 10002. Recreational boating safety.

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