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In the interest of keeping the blog readable, enjoyable, and civilized, here are some guidelines to keep in mind when considering and posting comments:

Being Offensive – I reserve the right to remove any comments which I find to be offensive, inflammatory, or disrespectful. Differing opinions are welcome, but play nice or go find another place to play.

Sharing an Article – If you see an article you want to share, please copy and paste only a part or section of the article, and then include a link. If you post the entire article in a comment, it may be copyright infringement.

If you want to share one of my posts, please include part of the post, and then link back to the 1461 for the full story. I don't mind helping others build traffic as long as you don't mind sharing in the stream.

Staying On Topic – Please keep your comments on topic. Random posting with no base in the topic posted will be removed.

Pimping Your Blog - Blatant self-promotion and solicitation just to promote traffic to your own blog or website is a quick way to get deleted.

Linking to Your Own Blog – If you are posting an actual on topic comment and want to enter your url in the comment field to help you show fact or additional opinion as you make a comment that is an acceptable and proper way to link, assuming the comment and link are on topic.

Linking to Wing-nuts and Wing-nut Blogs – There are many wing-nut websites out there who have differing opinions than those expressed here. Try to refrain from dropping links to them or encouraging flame wars on this blog.

Comments which contain the names of frequently read conservative, democratic, independent or otherwise wing-nut blogs may be moderated for content regarding the above.