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President Obama's Executive Orders

The Former President, President Obama signed 277 Executive Orders to date (President-Elect Trump has promised to make the EO a key part of his administration also) during his 2 term Administration. The list is complete and current to 11:59:59 January 20, 2017. The list on the 1461 started on January 25 2009.

We get emails from time to time asking why other blogs and websites list President Obama's Executive Orders in the many hundreds even thousands and our site shows a fraction of those numbers of Executive Orders.

The answer is simple - We don't need to lie or attempt to embellish the total number of Executive Orders to build traffic to our page, sell advertising space or raise our ratings - we provide the Truth and Facts - Not Fear! Because we are stocked in fact - not fiction - we've amassed over 1.7 Million readers with more everyday from around the globe.

Read my open response to the emails questioning the Executive Order count here.

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For ease of navigating the Executive Orders, the most recent and most searched for Executive Orders are listed below here on the main Executive Order page. The full list is too large to keep it all on one page. To make it easier to view and faster to load the list has been broken out by year. Click on the following links to view a specific years Executive Orders:

Executive Orders 2017: Executive Orders 2016: Executive Orders 2015: Executive Orders issued in 2014 Executive Orders issued in 2013 Executive Orders issued in 2012 Executive Orders issued in 2011 Executive Orders issued in 2010 Executive Orders issued in 2009

Learn more about Executive Orders and what other Presidents have executed Executive Orders. Or see how many Executive Orders each President has issued here

Click here for Executive Orders from the first years of the George W Bush Administration

The Listing of Executive orders in the Congressional Library runs in a numeric order starting with the first Executive orders passed until the most current. When President Barack Obama took office his EO list started at #EO-13489

Do you know which President issued the most Executive Orders? Click here to find out who.

President Obama's Executive Orders

January 17, 2017

Executive Order 13765: Amending the Civil Service Rules, Executive Order 13488, and Executive Order 13467

January 13, 2017

Executive Order 13764: Providing an Order of Succession Within the Department of Justice

Executive Order 13763: Providing an Order of Succession Within the Environmental Protection Agency

Executive Order 13762: Recognizing Positive Actions by the Government of Sudan and Providing for the Revocation of Certain Sudan-Related Sanctions

January 12, 2017

Executive Order 13761: Exclusions from the Federal Labor-Management Relations Program

Executive Order 13760: Designating the World Organisation for Animal Health as a Public International Organization Entitled to Enjoy Certain Privileges, Exemptions, and Immunities

Executive Order 13759:  Amending Executive Order 11016 to Update Eligibility Criteria for Award of the Purple Heart

December 29, 2016

Annex to Executive Order 13694: Taking Additional Steps to Address the National Emergency with Respect to Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities

Executive Order 13758: Taking Additional Steps to Address the National Emergency with Respect to Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities

December 27, 2016

Executive Order 13757: Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay

December 23, 2016

Executive Order 13756: Providing an Order of Succession Within the Department of Labor

December 09, 2016

Executive Order 13755: Amending the Order of Succession in the Department of Homeland Security

Executive Order 13754: Northern Bering Sea Climate Resilience

December 08, 2016

Executive Order 13753: Relating to the Implementation of the Convention on the International Recovery of Child Support and Other Forms of Family Maintenance

December 05, 2016

Executive Order 13752: Safeguarding the Nation from the Impacts of Invasive Species

December 02, 2016

Executive Order 13751: Regarding the Proposed Acquisition of a Controlling Interest in Aixtron SE by Grand Chip Investment GMBH

November 29, 2016

Executive Order 13750: Providing for the Appointment in the Competitive Service of Certain Employees of the Foreign Service

Executive Order 13749: Providing for the Appointment of Alumni of the Fulbright U.S. Student Program, the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program, and the Critical Language Scholarship Program to the Competitive Service

November 16, 2016

Executive Order 13748: Establishing a Community Solutions Council

November 4, 2016

Executive Order 13747:  Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats

November 3, 2016

Executive Order 13746: Advancing the Goals of the Power Africa Initiative to Expand Access to Electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa Through the Establishment of the President’s Power Africa Working Group

October 31, 2016

Executive Order 13745: Delegation of Function to the Director of the Office of Personnel Management

October 13, 2016

Executive Order 13744: Charitable Fundraising

Executive Order 13743: Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events

October 7, 2016

Executive Order 13742: Termination of Emergency with Respect to the Actions and Policies of the Government of Burma

September 29, 2016

Executive Order 13741: Amending Executive Order 13467 to Establish the Roles and Responsibilities of the National Background Investigations Bureau and Related Matters

September 16, 2016

Executive Order 13740: 2016 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States

September 14, 2016

Executive Order 13739: Executive Order: Termination of the National Emergency with the Situation in or in Relation to Côte d’Ivoire

August 23, 2016

Executive Order 13738: Amendment to Executive Order 13673

August 12, 2016
Executive Order 13737: Providing an Order of Succession within the Environmental Protection Agency

Executive Order 13736: Providing an Order of Succession within the Department of Veterans Affairs

Executive Order 13735: Providing an Order of Succession within the Department of the Treasury

August 3, 2016
Executive Order 13734:  Amending Executive Order 13675 to Expand Membership on the President's Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa

July 22, 2016
Executive Order 13733: Delegation of Certain Authorities and Assignment of Certain Functions Under the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015

July 1, 2016
Executive Order 13732: United States Policy on Pre- and Post-Strike Measures to Address Civilian Casualties in U.S. Operations Involving the Use of Force

June 24th, 2016
Executive Order 13731: Global Entrepreneurship

May 20, 2016
Executive Order 13730: 2016 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States

May 18th, 2016
Executive Order 13729: Comprehensive Approach to Atrocity Prevention and Response

Executive Order 13728: Wildland-Urban Interface Federal Risk Mitigation

May 6, 2016
Executive Order 13727: Facilitation of a Presidential Transition

April 19th, 2016
Executive Order 13726: Blocking Property And Suspending Entry Into The United States Of Persons Contributing To The Situation In Libya

April 15th, 2016
Executive Order 13725: Steps to Increase Competition and Better Inform Consumers and Workers to Support Continued Growth of the American Economy

April 8th, 2016
Executive Order 13724: Amending Executive Order 12137

March 30, 2016
Executive Order 13723: Establishing the Inherent Resolve Campaign Medal

March 16, 2016
Executive Order 13722: Blocking Property of the Government of North Korea and the Workers' Party of Korea, and Prohibiting Certain Transactions with Respect to North Korea

March 14, 2016
Executive Order 13721: Developing an Integrated Global Engagement Center to Support Government-Wide Counterterrorism Communications Activities Directed Abroad and Revoking Executive Order 13584

February 26, 2016
Executive Order 13720: Delegation of Certain Authorities and Assignment of Certain Functions Under the Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015

February 9, 2016
Executive Order 13719: Establishment of the Federal Privacy Council

Executive Order 13718: Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity

February 2, 2016
Executive Order 13717: Establishing a Federal Earthquake Risk Management Standard

January 16, 2016
Executive Order 13716: Revocation of Executive Orders 13574, 13590, 13622, and 13645 with Respect to Iran, Amendment of Executive Order 13628 with Respect to Iran, and Provision of Implementation Authorities for Aspects of Certain Statutory Sanctions

December 18, 2015
Executive Order 13715: Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay

December 15, 2015
Executive Order 13714: Strengthening the Senior Executive Service

December 11, 2015
Executive Order 13713: Half-Day Closing of Executive Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government on Thursday, December 24, 2015

November 23, 2015
Executive Order 13712: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Burundi

November 12, 2015
Executive Order 13711: Establishing an Emergency Board to Investigate Disputes Between New Jersey Transit Rail and Certain of its Employees Represented by Certain Labor Organizations

Executive Order 13710: Termination of Emergency With Respect to the Actions and Policies of Former Liberian President Charles Taylor

October 2, 2015
Executive Order 13709: National Security Medal

September 30, 2015
Executive Order 13708: Continuance or Reestablishment of Certain Federal Advisory Committees

September 15, 2015
Executive Order 13707: Using Behavioral Science Insights to Better Serve the American People

September 7, 2015
Executive Order 13706: Establishing Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors

September 3, 2015
Executive Order 13705: Designating the International Renewable Energy Agency as a Public International Organization

August 17, 2015
Executive Order 13704: Presidential Innovation Fellows Program

July 30, 2015
Executive Order 13703: Implementing the National HIV/AIDS Strategy for the United States for 2015-2020

July 29, 2015
Executive Order 13702: Creating a National Strategic Computing Initiative

July 17, 2015
Executive Order 13701: Delegation of Certain Authorities and Assignment of Certain Functions Under the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015

July 15, 2015
Executive Order 13700: Establishing an Emergency Board to Investigate Disputes Between New Jersey Transit Rail and Certain of its Employees Represented by Certain Labor Organizations

June 26, 2015
Executive Order 13699: Establishing the Advisory Board on Toxic Substances and Worker Health

June 24, 2015
Executive Order 13698: Hostage Recovery Activities

June 22, 2015
Executive Order 13697: Amendment to Executive Order 11155, Awards for Special Capability in Career and Technical Education

June 17, 2015
Executive Order 13696: 2015 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States

May 26, 2015
Executive Order 13695: Termination of Emergency With Respect to the Risk of Nuclear Proliferation Created by the Accumulation of a Large Volume of Weapons-Usable Fissile Material in the Territory of the Russian Federation

April 1, 2015
Executive Order 13694: Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities

March 19, 2015
Executive Order 13693: Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade

March 9, 2015
Executive Order 13692: Blocking Property and Suspending Entry of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Venezuela

February 13, 2015
Executive Order 13691: Promoting Private Sector Cybersecurity Information Sharing

January 31, 2015
Executive Order 13690: Establishing a Federal Flood Risk Management Standard and a Process for Further Soliciting and Considering Stakeholder Input

January 21, 2015
Executive Order 13689:  Enhancing Coordination of National Efforts in the Arctic

January 16, 2015
Executive Order 13688: Federal Support for Local Law Enforcement Equipment Acquisition

January 2, 2015
Executive Order 13687: Imposing Additional Sanctions with Respect to North Korea

December 19, 2014
Executive Order 13686: Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay

Executive Order 13685: Blocking Property Of Certain Persons And Prohibiting Certain Transactions With Respect To The Crimea Region Of Ukraine

December 18, 2014
Executive Order 13684: Establishment of the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing

December 11, 2014
Executive Order 13683: Further Amendments to Executive Order 11030 Executive Order 13653 and Executive Order 13673

December 6, 2014
Executive Order 13682: Closing of Executive Departments and Agencies of the Federal Government on Friday December 26 2014
October 16, 2014
Executive Order 13680: Ordering the Selected Reserve and Certain Individual Ready Reserve Members of the Armed Forces to Active Duty
October 3, 2014
Executive Order 13678: Conversion Authority for Criminal Investigators (Special Agents) of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives

September 23, 2014
Executive Order 13677: Climate-Resilient International Development

September 18, 2014
Executive Order 13676: Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

August 5, 2014
Executive Order 13675: Establishing the President's Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa

July 31, 2014
Executive Order 13674: Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases

Executive Order 13673: Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces

July 21, 2014
Executive Order 13672: Further Amendments to Executive Order 11478 Equal Employment Opportunity in the Federal Government and Executive Order 11246 Equal Employment Opportunity

July 8, 2014
Executive Order 13671: Taking Additional Steps to Address the National Emergency With Respect to the Conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

June 14, 2014
Executive Order 13670: Establishing an Emergency Board to Investigate Disputes Between the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority and Certain of Its Employees Represented by Certain Labor Organizations

June 13, 2014
Executive Order 13669: 2014 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States

May 27, 2014
13668: Ending Immunities Granted to the Development Fund for Iraq and Certain Other Iraqi Property and Interests in Property Pursuant to Executive Order 13303, as Amended

April 8, 2014
Executive Order 13665: Non-Retaliation for Disclosure of Compensation Information

April 3, 2014
Executive Order 13664: Blocking Property of Certain Persons With Respect to South Sudan

February 12, 2014
Executive Order 13658: Minimum Wage for Contractors

January 17, 2014
Executive Order 13656: Establishment of Afghanistan and Pakistan Strategic Partnership Office and Amendment to Executive Order 12163

November 1, 2013
Executive Order 13653: Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change

August 1, 2013
Executive Order 13650: Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security

June 26, 2013
Executive Order 13647: Establishing the White House Council on Native American Affairs

June 3, 2013
Executive Order 13645: Authorizing the Implementation of Certain Sanctions Set Forth in the Iran Freedom and Counter-Proliferation Act of 2012 and Additional Sanctions with Respect To Iran

October 26, 2012
Executive Order 13629: Establishing the White House Homeland Security Partnership Council

August 31, 2012
Executive Order 13625: Improving Access to Mental Health Services for Veterans, Service Members, and Military Families

July 31, 2012
Executive Order 13622: Authorizing Additional Sanctions With Respect To Iran

July 6, 2012
Executive Order 13618: Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions

June 25, 2012
Executive Order 13617: Russian Highly Enriched Uranium

May 21, 2012
Executive Order 13615: Providing an Order of Succession within the Office of Management and Budget

Executive Order 13614: Providing an Order of Succession within the Environmental Protection Agency

Executive Order 13613: Providing an Order of Succession within the Department of Commerce

Executive Order 13612: Providing an Order of Succession within the Department of Agriculture

May 16, 2012
Executive Order: Blocking Property of Persons Threatening the Peace, Security, or Stability of Yemen

November 21, 2011
Executive Order 13590 - Iran Sanctions

October 31, 2011
Executive Order 13588 - Reducing Prescription Drug Shortages

July 24, 2011
Executive Order 13581 -  Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations

July 12, 2011
Executive Order 13580 - Inter-agency Working Group on Coordination of Domestic Energy Development and Permitting in Alaska

May 23, 2011
Executive Order 13574: Authorizing the Implementation of Certain Sanctions Set Forth in the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996, As Amended

May 22, 2010
Executive Order 13543: Establishing the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling

March 24, 2010

Executive Order 13535 - Restrictions on the Use of Federal Funds for Abortion

December 30, 2009

Executive Order: Medical Countermeasures Following a Biological Attack

December 29, 2009

Executive Order: Original Classification Authority

December 29, 2009

Executive Order: Classified National Security Information

November 23, 2009

Executive Order 13520: Reducing Improper Payments and Eliminating Waste in Federal Programs

November 17, 2009

Executive Order 13519: Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force

November 09, 2009

Executive Order 13518: Veterans Employment Initiative

October 05, 2009

Executive Order 13514: Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance

October 1, 2009

Executive Order 13513: Federal Leadership on Reducing Text Messaging while Driving

March 9, 2009

Executive Order 13505: Removing Barriers to Responsible Scientific Research Involving Human Stem Cells

February 19, 2009

Executive Order 13503: Establishment of the White House Office of Urban Affairs

February 6, 2009

Executive Order 13502: Use of Project Labor Agreements for Federal Construction Projects

Executive Order 13501: Establishing the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board

February 5, 2009

Executive Order 13499: Further Amendments to Executive Order 12835, Establishment of the National Economic Council

Executive Order 13498: Amendments to Executive Order 13199 and Establishment of the President's Advisory Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

January 30, 2009

Executive Order 13497: Revocation Of Certain Executive Orders Concerning Regulatory Planning And Review

Executive Order 13496: Notification of Employee Rights Under Federal Labor Laws

January 22, 2009

Executive Order 13493: Review of Detention Policy Options

Executive Order 13492: Review and Disposition of Individuals Detained at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and Close of Detention Facilities

Executive Order 13491: Ensuring Lawful Interrogations

January 21, 2009

EO 13490: Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Personnel

EO 13489: Presidential Records


  1. Anonymous2:55 PM EDT

    Executive orders abrogate our beloved sacred Constitution. Executive Orders are the agenda to by-pass our Constitution.

    1. Anonymous12:35 AM EDT

      There are appropriate executive orders and ones that aren't. This executive order appears to be an inappropriate use of power. In addition, when Obama was a 1st term U.S Senator in 2007, he accuses Bush of misusing his power by issuing executive orders. Plus, Obama said when he was campaigning for President, he said he would run one of the most transparent administrations to date. So, I would agree that his agenda is to by-pass the Constitution, but I wouldn't go so far as to put all Executive Orders into the same category.

    2. Anonymous9:32 PM EDT

      Bush signed 291 EOs during his 8 years in office. Obama has signed only 138. More than half of them are related to the safety of people of foreign lands, effectively doing nothing more than telling the world we are behind the oppressed people of say Somalia, Iran, Burma, etc.
      Not a single EO makes changes to the Constitution. EOs signed by Obama are for things like order of succession in government branches... getting veterans, servicement & family members medical treatment... ensuring BP is held responsible for the Gulf Coast cleanup. Nothing in the list you have available above have anything to do with the constitution.

    3. Anonymous3:21 PM EDT

      Nice to see someone with the sense to state the facts on Obama's Executive orders.

  2. Anonymous4:03 PM EDT

    What a bunch of nothing. Where's the change?

  3. Dover, Ben1:20 PM EDT


  4. Anonymous7:02 AM EST


    1. Gary Wise, Patriot4:05 PM EDT

      Why is Obumer exempt from these executive orders! Executive orders where to be used to allow the president, during a time of EMERGENCY, in time of WAR or terrorist attack to act immediately not to do what the congress by the Constitution is their Constitutional duty to do! Look at all the recent Obumer orders and they take away our Constitutional rights to as warrant, trial by jury, lockup without informing of charges for as long as he wishes to even forever. I will for one not give up one inch of my Constitutional rights without both the Congress and Senate passing a law and I certainly will not allow the UN to determine when we go to war as the Secretary of war stated on C Span recently to Congress! We don't need your authorization anymore the UN is the authority. This is what they are doing is kill one right then another until they are all gone,step by step from feeling up passengers in airlines without probable cause for the search to throwing out the whole Constitution like SS troops of history, in Germany! This is exactly what Hitler did and Obumer is doing the same thing right in front of the dumb so called Americans who will give up everything just to live on the government with patriotic Americans tax money. If you haven't figured this out the from Hispanic illegal vote, which is never challenged and dismissed as OK to failing to count Military votes in Florida,the lazy people who live on the government, are for the most part lazy, ignorant and able to work but like doing nothing coming up with excuses for their laziness and saying they have the right to vote and do nothing and Mexicans who thing that crossing the border makes them legal citizens with the support of Obumer and Mexican president.As the Germans finally realized, too late, giving too much power without checks and balances equals destruction of the nation and the Republic!

    2. Anonymous8:27 AM EDT

      A State of the untied States has proven that he is a citizen.
      What is your problem?

    3. @ Anonymous 8:27 AM EDT - there are still too many contradictions surrounding his birth. Yes, Arizona will now allow his name on their ballot as a Presidential candidate, however that is with a significant amount of pressure from various federal agencies and a COPY of his birth certificate as proof.

      Still, the copy provided is of questionable authenticity and if that isn't enough, what about the following points :

      1) No one has ever seen the original birth certificate, and why did it take so long to produce even a copy.

      2) The copy provided was/is different than other birth certificates provided from the same hospital during the same period of time as his birth. Why is that?

      3) President Obamas approved 1991 bio states he was born in Kenya (It was updated in 1998, 2005 and early 2007, all updates stated he was born in Kenya).

      4) President Obamas first act as President on his first full day (January 21, 2009) was to sign EO 13489-Presidential records. This EO seals now and forever (there is the provision for former Presidents which he will thankfully be some day)any record he deems to include - his medical records, his school records, his birth records,his passport records, etc.
      He will not release his Harvard records, his Columbia College records, or his Occidental College records. He will not even release his Columbia College thesis.
      All his legislative records from the Illinois State Senate are missing and he claims his scheduling records during those State Senate years are lost as well. In addition, no one can find his school records for the elite K-12 college prep school, Punahou School, he attended in Hawaii.

      So when you ask "what is your problem", I would say to you, why is none of this a concern to you?

      It's funny that the Liberals are so concerned with what Mitt Romney has done with his money and insist on him providing all his tax records, yet there is no concern that as Obamas first act as President he immediately sealed all of his records. But he is transparent. LOL

      We all know rich people function on a completely different level when it comes to taxes and tax shelters. I am much less concerned with what Romney does with his millions, and much more concerned with what President Obama is doing with our hundreds of billions!!

      If interested, here is an interesting link to President Obamas Selective Service form.

    4. Anonymous4:15 PM EDT

      There is no end to the lack of common sense among the liberals. Reading these comments prove it. They will believe ANY lie that Obama, the liberals and MSM hand them. I guess that is easier than looking the truth in the eye and realizing what a blunder they made putting a Muslim in the White House.

    5. Anonymous3:37 PM EDT

      Funny how when Obama was a senator there was no "stink" or issue brought up whether he was a "natural born citizen", but now that he's the president all the far-righters' have come out of the woodwork to create trumped-up issues. It's amazing we have what is worse than an underclass of poor in this country, an underclass of hateful and stupid people.

    6. Anonymous1:15 AM EST

      You have to be a U.S. born citizen to be eligible to be POTUS. That is a pretty good reason. I don't see why you wouldn't think so, regardless of what side of the fence you sit on.

    7. Anonymous2:24 PM EST

      I'm with you...........who is Obama?? We do know he's not someone we want controlling our country, that's been proven over the past 4 years. My question is this, where are all the powerful people in politics that feel as we do.................they talk & complain about Obama and end result is they do NOTHING, I mean NOTHING at all to stop him. Why are so many afraid of him. Has Obama threatened, bribed or paid-off everyone?? It's so absurd!

    8. Anonymous6:10 PM EST

      He's hiding his identity.

  5. Anonymous1:35 PM EST

    Oh good lord. Another birther.

    The guy is in office now. The story of his birth certificate is out and has been vetted ad infinitum to the point where Orly Taitz was heavily fined for bringing this topic to court (again). Yet the ignorant schlubs in this country are still open to propaganda.

    I'm not happy with the guy's performance so far and I think there's plenty to bitch about. IMO this is not one of them. I agree with many of these orders and the fact is they save time and dollars.

    1. Anonymous4:16 PM EDT

      He has a SS# from the state of Connecticut.. A state in which he has never lived. His Birth Certificate was a present print up that has been tampered with. This is also common knowledge. Also his residency here in the US doesn't coincide with his work records. He worked in Hawaii 4 years before he even had a SS#. So yes. People are going to question it... Also he recieved A grant for College for being a Foreigner. Yet, claims that he ISNT a foreigner. So which is it? These discrepancies will ALWAYS raise questions. His SS# was obviously obtained dubiously, And his college grants pose some serious questions about the legality of either his presidency, or the grants themselves.

    2. Anonymous8:32 PM EDT

      Please refrain from profanely invocating the "oh good lord" nonsequitor in the unfinished vetting process and on-going debate concerning Obama's life history and his ineligibity for holding the office of President!

    3. Unfortunately, the schlubs (your term) seem to be the apologists that think this guy is legit and that valid questions should not be asked. If he were legit, he would produce the requested documentation across the board that has been requested of him including; valid (I stress valid and not doctored) birth certificate, college transcripts, and a host of other corroborating documentation. We have asked the same of others, why should he be any different. To expect otherwise in my estimation would be racist. Since you seem to be an adherent to the "lame" stream media and their propaganda, perhaps you can shed some light as to why he is so adamantly against providing such simple proof of who and what he is to an inquiring public. For what its worth!

    4. Anonymous7:08 PM EDT

      In saying that the certificate was doctored, that means your are an expert on analyzing these things right? Oh you're just taking the word of the people who want him out of office? weird. Shit head.

    5. Anonymous3:20 PM EDT

      He has never been really vetted. With the information he provided, he couldn't get a job at Wal Mart. We the People have the right to know who we are handing the reins to. The DNC did not do their job and neither did the Democratic Congress.

      As far as he's already in the job, in most companies an employee can be terminated for falsifying his resume. Doesn't matter how long he worked there. And he loses all benefits.

    6. Anonymous3:51 PM EDT

      You "people" at We The People should be ashamed of yourselves. You call yourselves "Americans". Because of the idiots in the Tea Party and We The People the country's financial rating has been damaged thanks to an essentially brainless congress, who think the earth is still flat - or should be - and have prevented this president from getting any jobs bills passed. Why? Because from day one, senator Mitch McConnell and the majority of Republicans have vowed to make Obama a one-term president. It's a miracle anything has been accomplished. If Mitt Romney wins I hope you Tea Party'rs get a taste of what it's like to have your livelihoods outsourced to China.

    7. Anonymous9:53 PM EDT

      This is one of the funniest and yet terribly sad comments I have every read. "The Tea Party and We The People are the reason for the United States two credit downgrades". I paraphrased but that is pretty much what you said.

      Your grasp of economics is comical at best. Let me be as clear as possible so hopefully you understand who is actually to blame for our downgrades. Because the Fed continues to issue more currency and continues to depress interest rates through purchasing mortgage-backed securities it reduces the value of the dollar and does little to raise the U.S.'s real gross domestic product. In turn, this increases the cost of commodities, which will pressure the profitability of businesses and increase the costs of consumers thereby reducing consumer purchasing power. Its complicated and very difficult for the average person with no economics background to understand but please, please try.

      This is why we were downgraded twice and why we are heading towards the edge of a fiscal cliff at mach 10. The Tea Party and We The People have absolutley nothing to do with it.

      And lastly, in the beginning of Obama's first term he had a super majority, he had ultimate power. McConnell had nothing to do with not getting any jobs bills passed. Obama wasn't working on any jobs bills he was working on ObamaCare which is now slated to effect so many small businesses negatively that those companies plan on changing over their fulltime staff to parttime staff to avoid the excessive costs of ObamaCare.

      Please do some real research into the facts instead of listening to the rhetoric and negative things you are seeing and hearing. Read material from nonpartisan sources or at least listen to both sides then do research on all of it.Unfortunately, there is not enough time to take an economics 101 class. You already have about 4 different and very seperate issues all intermingled together. I can't imagine how confused you must be on other issues.

      This ladies and gentlemen is precisely why our country is in the tank. No one thinks for themselves or does their own research. Listen to the mainstream media, partisan sources and you simply regurgitate what you hear or are told irregardless of the facts. Simply sad and speaks to why our country is ranked 33 in the world for reading.

    8. Anonymous12:13 PM EST

      I disagree, the main problem is the tea party, we were down graded by standard and poor, a joke of a firm to say the least. the tea party members in congress refused to raise the debt ceiling foe us to pay bills. And yes mitch meconnal, and john banner, i know they are spelled wrong and don,t care, disagree and block Obama's policy, not because it's the right thing to do, but to just try and make him look like a bad President. George Bush was the worst president the
      this country has ever seen, with his illegal Iraq war, and his spending like crazy, he is the main reason for the shape of our country today. And don't forget it was Romney care before it was Obama care.
      but I know according to u and and all those other stupid republicans, it was Clinton's fault. I bet u also think that greed is good, whatever happened to us taking care of one another. reed is a sin, it's a form of gluttony, and is bad for America. So is all the crooked politicians.
      The Tea Party are the ones that need the education.
      I bet u listen to Rush dumb ass Limbaw, and Glenn Beck made up shit, and think that,s the truth. You are right about one thing it is a very complicated
      system, and problem. As far as Romney is concerned, his own father would not have voted for him, as he was one of the takers on welfare.

    9. Anonymous3:18 PM EST

      Propaganda? They hired a Cold Case Posse, Sheriff Joe Arpaio led up the team. Jerome Corsi,a police officer with a PI background and Mike Zullo were sent to Hawaii. Pat Boone,Lt. Colonel Terry Latkin and a Tea Party Volunteer, Jeff Lichter helped raise money to pay for the investigation. They thoroughly scrutinized his birth certificate and the result was, it was definately not a valid birth certificate. What happened after that? Nothing! As usual. The media stayed low on the subject and noone really spoke of it, except Fox news. And that was the end of it all.....except when someone like Trump brought it back up.

  6. Anonymous12:15 PM EST

    You are like all the rest of the democrats.
    Franklin Roosevelt even state that our boys will never set foot on foreign soil. Then WW II.

    1. Anonymous12:33 PM EST

      Us entering into WW2 had a lot to do with the work of Jebediah Bush, the grandfather, and don,t forget George W. Bush's illegal war in Iraq.
      He new a week before we went in that there were no weapons of mas destruction,
      he flat out lied to the American people, but republicans living in there bubble forget about that, and the fact that he is responsible for our debt, not Obama.
      suck it you crazy republicans. Talking about less government, we had more big spending and more rights taken away by George W Bush, than any other president in the history of the U.S. and that's a fact jack.

    2. Anonymous3:25 PM EST

      Hey 3:51PM Hope your a happy camper when more of UN Agenda21 enters your world............Obamas 1st & foremost agenda. The past 4 years are the beginning implementations of our new "One World Order". Be Happy, Don't Worry! Ha!

    3. Anonymous11:33 PM EST

      Anon 12:33PM - First Jebediah wasn't the Grandfather. Prescot was & he had nothing to do with WWII as he wasn't involved in politics until after WWII was over. As for Jebediah, he wasn't even born yet. Get your facts strait instead of talking out of your arse...

  7. Anonymous12:17 PM EST

    your empty.

  8. Anonymous12:20 PM EST

    Lumbaugh was right the truth hurts.

    1. Anonymous12:44 PM EST

      Limbaugh, Don't u mean. He is more of a comedian than Stephen Colbert, who is also a republican, but not living in the republican bubble. Actually there are two Obama's, the one that the republicans see, the one in the empty chair that the republicans living in the bubble see, and the real one that everyone else see's.
      Paranoia deep destroyer. I didn't vote for Obama, and didn't want him in the white house, but he has been a good president no matter what anyone says.
      God help us if Romney had won. We would have never survived another George W Dumb ass. Thank u very Little.

  9. Anonymous8:56 PM EST

    its 1932 all over again...

  10. Anonymous8:34 PM EST

    Isn't it funny that the January 21, 2009 order about ETHICS led to the WH website and that it was "unavailable to view"

    How typical.


  11. Anonymous7:41 PM EST

    Trust me all the Presidentual Executive Orders will becoming to an End and soon...

    They will attempt to promote them as Decrees by a sovreign lord only to find the Sovreign is not a lord as he though he was.

    Gods Time is near and nigh at hand in these coming years

    1. Anonymous12:50 PM EST

      You sound like my brother, and all the crazy's taking guns and doing mass shootings. U probably think greed is good as well. You bible thumpers are the main reason for all the problems of the world. Always trying to shove your views down everyone else's throat.

  12. Anonymous7:49 PM EST

    If you people would read the Patriot Act I and II. If you people would just for a second get you heads out of your asses you would see what the true reality is... I dont care for obama and I certainly didnt care for George W aka (dumb) Bush. However, both Dumb and the Bamster are crooks. What is a cowboy who had way too much power... 9/11 was AN INSIDE Job if you would just do a little research... And the Bamster took his thugish clan from Chicago to Washington D.C. It now appears that the little timster is in big big trouble... When it all comes out obama will get re-elected on the sole fact that when the trials are on going and the ACLU sick their best lawyer on the U.S. Govt. who has the burden to prove the supposed terrorist from Gitmo. The Defense team with end up putting Bush and Chenney on trial and the right will cry foul and the left will WIN!!! And thus prove without a shadow of a doubt that Bush had prior knowlegde of 9/11 and did nothing but allow it to happen... If this sounds crazy to you and you consider yourself a True American. I hereby challenge you to answer the question the following video (in a link) asks and has never received any real answers to these questions...

    This is just a normal link to a site that proves my point;

    Here's is Part 1 of 15... I dare you to watch this entire video and explain to me how I am the ONE who is MISTAKEN!!!

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it your jack ball retard telling and believing them Cock & Bull stories that (P)MSNBC/CNN and or FOXNews errrrr FIXED-News

    1. Anonymous7:03 PM EST

      Any college educated physicist can answer the questions raised in any of the propaganda videos on the INTERNET. Idiots like you are just too ignorant to accept it. Go back to your minimum wage job so you can make the payments on your singlewide.

    2. Anonymous11:15 PM EDT

      Wow, I am in the same blog as a no it all. It amazes me your not a candidate for your precious communist party. Get off the high horse. Propaganda has been flowing since the first day of G.W.Bushes presidency. The conspiracy is idiotic. Which means you are also an idiot. No other type of person would dare say they know everything. What you propose is beyond ridiculous. It is irresponsible and self serving. Your argument is, everyone is bad as a President. To say G.W. Bush knew of 9/11 before it happened is about as stupid as stupid gets. I pity people like you that can't seem to find the greatness that the founding of our country has made. Even with liberals trying to ruin it , it still survives. It will also survive this Marxist regime. Well here's hoping you wake up and start believing in this country instead of putting it down every chance you get.

    3. Anonymous12:52 AM EST

      How is it so unbelievable to people that former president Bush did know about the 9/11 attacks? Is it because it's simply to horrible to believe! People in power can do unimaginable things precisely because of that power. I for one believe the whole horrible event had roots much closer to home. I absolutely hate that I do. But I have done so much studying on it and still can't disprove the feeling.

  13. Anonymous11:14 AM EST

    9/11 was an inside job? Americans are so bored they do nothing but come up with conspiracy theories. A little research means what? Google all night and watch unreliable videos from equally stupid people bc you are a loser? I haven't read a single, educated comment yet. You show no signs of understand with respect to our government. You sound like hillbillys.

  14. Anonymous6:23 PM EST

    You people who dont like Obama,what is the republican ANSWER to everything??? How would yous fix it?Yous put a man down and yous made a mess for him to fix.Nixon opened the doors to china,signed a bill that let pharmicutical companys charge what they want for drugs,the last 30 years had only 2 democrate presidents,So repubs what is your answer???

    1. Anonymous9:44 PM EDT

      My answer would be to suggest you learn to speak, write and spell properly. It would be more difficult than being on the dole but would most certainly help you more in the long run.

  15. Anonymous5:13 AM EST

    The "answer" is certainly not the path Obama and the Democrat controlled Congress is taking us down: government ownership of production, erosion of individual liberty, increased dependence on government, and increasing taxation on those who create jobs. Obama is not a stupid man, so continuing to pursue his agenda, despite incontrovertible evidence that it is destroying the economy must make any thinking person wonder if his ultimate goal requires the failure of our societal systems as we know them. The poorer we get, the more we rely on the government. The majority of people are blissfully ignorant of the slow, methodical move from freedom to enslavement that we are undergoing. People either don't pay attention, or they just don't care. We, as a nation, are becoming little more than dogs being thrown a bone, and most of us are too naive to see the snare that awaits us when we allow our growing sense of entitlement to overshadow the industrious, principled independence that has helped our once great country thrive up until now. Chew on that, biyatch!

    1. Anonymous10:19 AM EDT

      I agree with this guy ^

    2. Anonymous2:25 PM EDT

      Anyone that says "Democrat" Part is retarded. Just saying.

    3. Anonymous2:58 PM EDT

      This is it in a nutshell. The number of working is slowly shrinking to few that those taking and this simply cannot last. Over 48 million abortions have destroyed the generation that would have been the base of work/income/social security taxes etc. that the countries retiring generation is now realizing is NOT there. So we have to bring them in from you know where. Your sins will find you out.

    4. Anonymous1:04 PM EST

      these rich pricks do not create the majority of jobs, small business do.
      I know people with college diploma's getting laid off, not for lake of job performance, but just for greed. How many millions and billions does one person need to have a good life. we should be taking care of our own, and what is wrong with that. you sound like my dumb ass neighbor, he a fireman who thought Romney would have been a great president. What was his first priority as president if he would have won? Laying off government employees, aka, fireman. I wonder what he would of thought about Romney then if he was one of the people laid off. the problem is the whole government and corruption and greed. greed is not good, and behind most problems in America today. I wish I had a job like a congressman where I got paid for doing nothing. they don't even follow the laws they sign into order.

  16. Anonymous11:52 PM EST

    Well Said, we need to wake up America! We need to speak up, before all of our rights are taken away by Executive Order!

  17. Anonymous5:58 PM EST

    why do we need spending $$$$$ paying our senate when we have king Obama

  18. Anonymous3:11 PM EST

    We have been in a national emergence since march 16 1950? If we are in a national emergency then stock of the pen law of the land. Because in a national emergency the president can do away without congress and do alot more things without premission. Dont be a 14th amendment citizen!

  19. Anonymous9:11 PM EST

    EO 12425 and EO 13528 are the precursors to Martial Law. With 12425 remember that the immunity follows the info. Totally bypasses the Constitution and 7 of the first 10 Amendments. EO 13528 blows The Tenth Amendment out of the water. It also is against The Posse Comitaus Act. The US Military cannot, under ANY circumstances operate inside The United States OfAmerica, yet this "Council of Governator" is acting as a liason to allow it. Wake up everyone.
    Both of these EO's are a violation of his oath of office. They are treasonalble offences and the NEW Congress must deal with them. I want change, I want impeachment.

  20. Anonymous10:40 AM EST

    Impeach NOW

  21. Anonymous12:47 AM EST

    Amazing who they will allow to add a comment to these pages - they show EXACTLY why we're in the mess we're in - perhaps a full brain (but not IQ) between them. NOTE: while we'e had 2 dem's for president in the last 30 years - they did more damage to this country than could have been imagined. Carter with his weakness, total financial lack of understanding, and his beginning the push for "a home for everyone". Clinton scummed up the presidency. For anyone to think he would be loyal to a country when he was never loyal and faithful to his family - yah, right. He began the push for affordable housing and lowing of guidelines - forcing FNMA and Freddie Mac to continue to reduce prudent guidelines - then offered big bonuses to the corrupt people he put in charge of both agencies for meeting goals - the whole housing and subprime mess began here, and Barney Frank and company turned a blind eye, even when questioned and warned by the Bush administration, to the potential problems of these policies. THIS WAS NOT THE GREED OF WALL STREET THAT BEGAN THE DOWNFALL - it was policies of the dems - always the unintended horible consequences to their ill-thought out, but oh so "caring" policies. Then Clinton gave away nuclear secrets to the Chinese, refused to take BinLaden on 3 separate occassions, and emboldened the terrorists by NOT responding to their acts of war - the bombing of the SS Cole, the first US Trade Center, The military bases, etc. BUT, at least I never really doubted that the Clinton's still loved this country (and were born here). Then we get this total incomptent, arrogant, narcissistic Chicago-style thug, who lies virtually every time he opens his mouth and can't talk his way out of a paper bag without a teleprompter. And the dems have the audacity to call Bush dumb? What a joke. At least no one ever doubted that Bush always did what he thought was in the best interest of the US - not himself, and no one ever doubted that Bush loved this country. This current occupier of the oval office doesn't and that is quite clear in his continual attempts to destroy this country as it is and was the values and principals is was founded on.

    1. You are spot on correct! Under the democrat presidents, we got the great society boondoggle (we know how successful that was in eliminating poverty not to mention running up an incredible deficit) as well as the Vietnam war. Under Carter (another moron) we came up with the term national malaise and the 22% inflation/stagflation term. The misery index and that we would be running out of oil reserves by 1990 (another pontification by the intellectual, democratic elite (as usual, nothing could have been further than the truth!). Next, we were given (god's gift to women) Bill "I never had sex with that woman" Clinton. What did he give us, a bunch of again, destructive executive orders, one of which is the abandonment of American sovereignty under the UN Agenda 21 program that came out of the Rio Accords in 1992 (yes, Bush senior was party to that fiasco as well). He also bequeathed us Obama (sorry, Osama) Bin Laden and all of the pain throughout the last 11 years. Now, with have this "super" miscreant, Barack Hussein Obama and the Fabian, Market Socialist garbage that he and his minions are foisting on us. Anyone that subscribes to the Democratic party after they have essentially abandoned the America we all new (if you are over 50 years old) to the Orwellian "newspeak" that has become his halmark, you are truly lost and will deserve everything that you will get. I can guarantee that none of you "innocent" Progressives have any clue what he is unleashing! For what its worth!

    2. Anonymous5:22 PM EDT

      I agree that Obama has no business being president of the US or leader of the world. I am still not sure that he was even born here. He has used the EO as a tool to hide his back ground from being explored fully.With only 2 years in the Senate then running for President he don't have enough experence to manage a fast food resturant. That is one of the reasons I really wanted Newt for our President. He was a history professor & years of service in the government. I was very upset that most of our party was against him. Anyone would be better than what we have now, I just hope that all the media behind Obama are not reporting the polls right showing Obama winning again, spending 6 Trillion in 4 years is not going to work in the next 4 years. WAKE UP AMERICA !! He is going to break this country if he gets 4 more years. Chuck

    3. Anonymous1:07 PM EST

      Another asshole that thinks greed is good, and living in the republican bubble.

    4. Anonymous1:31 PM EST

      You need to pull your head our of your ass, and stop watching fox comedy, or what most republicans call news. Bush is the one that screwed this country up.

  22. Anonymous4:31 PM EST

    ::applause's #21::

  23. Anonymous1:10 AM EDT

    On January 21st, 2009, his very first day in office, Barack Obama implemented and signed into law Executive Order 13489.

    For those of you who can’t take the time to read it. here is the section that applies:


    Notice Of Intent To Disclose Presidential Records

    When the Archivist provides notice to the incumbent and former Presidents of his intent to disclose Presidential records pursuant to section 1270.46 of the NARA regulations, the Archivist, using any guidelines providied by the incumbent and former Presidents, shall identify any specific materials, the disclosure of which he believes may raise a substantial question of executive privilege.”

    posted on

    1. Anonymous1:43 AM EDT

      Yes, but you fail to put the quote in context you moron! It clearly says that after identifying them the Archivist should and is prompted to notify the former President, check with him if he's authorizing the release or opposing it, and if the former President opposes it then the archivist has to talk with the incumbent President so that he can either respect the former President's executive privileges OR go all over them and disclose them anyways. Good God, you seriously go for those stupid tricks?

    2. Anonymous1:13 PM EST

      A quote from George W Bush, before he stole the presidency. Don't worry about Florida, we have that taken care of, Snicker Snicker. he didn't win the first time or the second time. He did more illegal thing, and took away more right than any other president in the history of the U.S.
      He and Chenney should have been impeached for lying to the American people, and for crimes against humanity. Another republican, living in his, her bubble.

  24. Anonymous3:36 PM EDT

    Thomas Jefferson is oft quoted as saying that revolutions periodicly are a good thing for a country. Unless there is a revolution in this country soon there will not be a nation left worth saving. No one can doubt that the day will soon come when no one will buy US securities and that will be the beginning of the end of all our freedoms..... It won't be long now...... April 9, 2010

    1. Anonymous2:07 PM EDT

      talked to some friends that are in the guard and active duty..weekend dril and some extra school the guard guys are doing and some training the active guys are doing are related to a civil war in this country. new training they are going through is being spoken of in a different manner than civil war but they are all questioning what it is about between themselves b/c thats the only thing the training could relate too. the feds are preparing our military to fight against the ppl in the event of a civil war against our government. from what ive heard. now of course none of them at this time would admit to anyone else they actually said anything about it. but i know atleast for the ones i spoke too they would rather go to jail than go against the constitution and take up arms against the citizens of this country..wouldnt be protecting it then. anyway..also have heard that in the inner cities/larger cities the police are also training to things related to the same thing as the military..wont say its fact but hearing from ppl in the is quite possible to see it happening

  25. Anonymous11:21 PM EDT

    What 21 said....

  26. ok got that its cool

  27. Anonymous10:08 PM EDT

    anonymous is simply a turd.........eom

  28. Same old republicans an' democrats having a go at each other. When will they realise that none of that matters?

    Two parties? Nope! What you have is a two-headed monster and whichever head it is for which you vote you are still voting for the same monster.

    And ... that monster is a psychopathic entity which has no human empathy or human feelings and cares for nothing except power.

    You are all slaves, occasionally being allowed to vote for the candidate they have already chosen for you so you think your vote counts in choosing a different slave-master.

    1. Anonymous10:45 PM EDT

      I agree with you 100 percent. Party is nothing anymore but a front. The rich puppet masters are in the background pulling the strings. Our bickering over parties keeps us focused away from their doings and probably makes them laugh with glee. Lobbyists, Camp David and Chicago recently, and the Bilderberg Group yesterday are where you should be looking for the puppet masters. Money, money, money. As it’s said It's the root of all evil.

  29. Anonymous10:39 PM EDT

    For all you people that think "Oh God another Birther" when someone questions Obama's birth certificate, answer this question.

    If Obama was indeed a natural born citizen, how did he attend two years at Occidental College under the name of Barry Soetoro while receiving a college tuition grant that was reserved for foreign students only? How did he "prove" he was a foreign student? Why was it so easy for him to "prove" he was a foreign student to get a tuition grant but he will not "prove" he's an American citizen qualified to hold the office of President of the United States? If he knew he was an American citizen and intentionally applied for and accepted two years worth of tuition intended for foreign students, he is guilty of felony fraud, is he not?


    1. Anonymous2:21 PM EST

      It's called duel citizenship fool...

    2. Anonymous12:38 PM EDT

      That's not the way you spell "dual," fool! No wonder almost every post is "anonymous," because I wouldn't want to show my identity to some of these raving, Jewish-hating maniacs, either! IF he had dual citizenship, he should PROVE IT! I question where he got the money, a poor little bastard son of a bigamist, adopted Indonesian boy, to go jetting all over the world -- visited the Middle East (who knows why), went to Africa to visit his ANTI-COLONIALIST father's grave, went to Hawaii to be tutored by his Communist friend "Frank," referred to in his autobiography 23 times, I think, etc. And, he had money to go to good Prep schools & expensive schools here in the U.S. -- shouldn't have been due to scholarships, as he admitted in his autobiography he was a poor student who skipped classes to go smoke dope, so -- HOW? WHO paved the way for him? Worse, WHY???

    3. Anonymous4:44 PM EDT

      Both birthers and anti-birthers are uneducated. The requirement is not "native born", its "natural born". There is a significant difference that was intended to prevent having a President with divided loyalties. Proving Obama was born in Hawaii merely makes him native born. To be natural born, he must be the child of parents who were both citizens. This, he is not.

    4. Perhaps you should take the time you invest in trashing the President to actually RESEARCH your ridiculous accusations against him, instead? Your bogus claims as to his Occidental College years are nothing more than excerpts from an e-mail that was circulated and found to be nothing more than a FABRICATION. The President applied to and attended Occidental College under the name "Obama", not Soetoro. Verified FACT. And he received NO "foreign scholarship".

    5. and before claiming OTHERS to be 'uneducated', it might help if you yourself were to get the proper education first before trying to claim expertise on a subject. Status as a natural-born citizen of the United States is one of the eligibility requirements established in the United States Constitution for election to the office of President or Vice President. This requirement was intended to protect the nation from foreign influence.
      The Constitution does not define the phrase natural-born citizen, and various opinions have been offered over time regarding its precise meaning. A 2011 Congressional Research Service report stated
      The weight of legal and historical authority indicates that the term "natural born" citizen would mean a person who is entitled to U.S. citizenship "by birth" or "at birth", either by being born "in" the United States and under its jurisdiction, even those born to alien parents; by being born abroad to U.S. citizen-parents; or by being born in other situations meeting legal requirements for U.S. citizenship "at birth". Such term, however, would not include a person who was not a U.S. citizen by birth or at birth, and who was thus born an "alien" required to go through the legal process of "naturalization" to become a U.S. citizen.[1]
      The natural-born-citizen clause has been mentioned in passing in several decisions of the United States Supreme Court and lower courts dealing with the question of eligibility for citizenship by birth, but the Supreme Court has never directly addressed the question of a specific presidential or vice-presidential candidate's eligibility as a natural-born citizen.

  30. Anonymous12:13 AM EDT

    Here it is,You can not take someone out of office that is not born in the USA. and nor can the courts,only the senate,or congress,can do this,but in order to stay in office and never get out ,they have to put the usa, in a state of a emergency, that way they can stay in office for ever.

  31. Anonymous12:16 AM EDT

    When Obama was a senator he said he was not a USA born. Read when when went into office.

  32. Anonymous1:42 PM EDT

    Damn, Another ignorant birther. He doesn't have to prove it because his mother was an american citizen. Regardless of if he was born in Japan, germany or any other country, by law and the constitution, that makes him a U.S. citizen. He has nothing to prove and doesn't need to.

    I ask you this, where did you get your information that he lied to get a grant at Occidental College? This is a falsehood made up by birthers to try and discredit Obama. So there is your answer. You have taken a story that is untrue and are trying to prove a point that is incorrect and invalid as this Occidental College incident did not ever occure. Good job at showing how ignorant you are. If you need proof, serach for Occidental College under Barry Soetoro and you will see plenty of evidence that shuts you birthers down.

  33. Anonymous2:07 PM EDT

    To Anon #21. Yeah, they let you post didn't they? The damage was done because of ignorant practices on both sides. Reaganomincs was a joke at best. His idea that the corporate america would spend money and it would trickle down to the middle class failed miserably. Corporations got bigger and forced more small businesses out of business, yet republicans believe they are champions of small business. Oh, wait, you forgot about that one didn't you? While Clinton tried to make the american dream easier for people to reach, there still needed to be government oversight even after he left office, something W. Bush did not provide because he was too busy fighting daddies war in Iraq. Also, despite the seeming inaction against terrorists, steps were taken to address the terrorist activities. Also, Clinton did not give Nuclear secrets to China as you so ignorantly suggest, rather, as with any administration there are unscrouplous people who will sale whatever they can to make money. The actions of the underlings doesn't warrant blaming Clinton. But since you want to play that ignorant game, lets see, didn't Reagan know about and approve of his pals get caught selling arms to Iran illegally to fund rebels in Nicaragua? Oh, snap, he did! Yes, selling arms to a country that has used biological weapons of mass distruction is in the best interest of our country. How's that for a good president lying and cheating and selling us out and funding the same terrorists who attack us.

    That said. I love how you take personal opinion and not facts and turn them into facts that are not true. Bush himself knew full well the advantages for his oil buddies had to gain with us invading Iraq. He did not do it just for the helping overthrow a tirant, he did it to line his corporate buddies pockets. He has been proven a lier, violated the constitution (ie, the Patriot act and others), and plain and simple was dumb. Obama, while some of his stuff stinks, at least has half a brain in comparison to Bush's quarter of a brain only. So when you post such an obviously bias and selectively choose the truth about what happened instead of giving actual facts, you look like an ignorant with an agenda. When you can face the truth that republicans have done as much damage to this country as democrats have, maybe you can talk. But until such a time, please keep your ignorant dribble to yourself as it does more harm than good to post half-truth and blatant lies.

    1. Anonymous12:03 AM EST

      For a person to run for the office of the Presidency he has to not just be a citizen by birth in this country or birthed to a American Citizen but actually has to be born to parents who are both American Citizens. The Presidency has stricter rules. We all know his father was never a citizen. Barry also went to public school in Somalia and to go to public school you would have to renounce any other citizenship and then he comes to America on a foreign visa which also proves him to be a foreigner. His copied birth certificate was proven in a Georgia court recently to have many multiple layering going on which proves that information was pulled from multiple sources to fabricate this document and noted as being a fraud as proven by E-verify of which is the same source that the Government uses to verify ones documentation. Obama's social security number was issued in Massachusetts, a state that in which he never resided in and also a social security number that belonged to a man born in 1890. I could go on and on, on who he isn't but I would rather go on to his record

    2. Anonymous12:05 AM EST

      I have never seen any president ever sue another state as he has Arizona for merely taking on their own sovereignty and defending it's borders from invasion since the Federal Government has refused to protect their borders as they are sworn to do. Another state is suing Obama to prove with original documentation of citizenship which is required of anyone who runs for president and He not only did not produce required documentation but also refused to appear in court which is considered contempt of court no matter who you are. On new years eve he passed another law making all illegal aliens legal saying that congress was in recess of which they weren't and then shortly after passed another law saying that in this country anyone can be incarcerated without any cause or evidence for an indefinite period of time and if he the president gave the order he could even have you put to death on his word alone and without a trial or evidence provided. Are you people all blind to what is actually going on in this country. Yes, A president do have the right of executive order and to pass laws in the absence of congress when they are in recess BUT ONLY IN EXTREME EMERGENCIES OR ACTS OF WAR. He is not to us them whenever he wants and so avoid the Congress and the Congressional means of checks and balances that protect WE THE PEOPLE. If you can't see that Obama is acting as a totalitarianistic tyrant then you must be asleep.

    3. Anonymous12:07 AM EST

      His agenda is to completely devaluate the US Dollar as the move toward the Amero and a ONE WORLD ORDER. Once all the Worlds Governments have bowed to the power of the Banking powers and the Worlds Elites their goal is to do away with paper currency and then move to a credit system. Everything about you, your Banking information, medical records, insurance records, credit card info and entire background will be put on a chip and then implanted in your wrist under your skin and then sold to you as a great way to protect your credit history, your credit cards can never be stolen or lost as they are just under your skin. If you have a health problem and are found unconscious the EMT need only to scan your wrist and administer proper and expedient care. If you are a sex offender, a felon, or a criminal all one would have to do to know everything about this person would be to scan his wrist......sounds great but when you place that much power into the hands of your Government you are at their mercy. When they do something you don't agree with and you decide to voice your opinion or make a stand in defense all they have to do is shut down your chip and you now can not buy or sell anything and then they acquire your assets as your chip is shut down. Your checks were be directly deposited in your account for your credits. Since there is no longer paper money you can no longer find a job working for cash and so you are completely shut off. You will not even be able to run to the hill country to hide because they will track you through your chip. These things I am telling you now are already in place in countries such as India, Pakistan and many other foreign country's and W Bush talked a little about this in his last term of office and said that we would see this being implemented in the US by 2012. Many convicts as well as children in the name of protection and some older folks even are now volunteering for this here in America.

    4. Anonymous12:08 AM EST

      Obama as well as both of the Bushes are aware of where this ONE WORLD ORDER is headed and both have done there part and are also members of the tri-lateral union which is an small group that is invited by the worlds elite and World Bankers to be their puppets to bring it all together. It's all prophesied in the Bible if you care to read. The Beast of which is a conglomerate of both a One World Government and a One World monetary system that are so closely intertwined that they appear as one. Remember the chip? That is the mark of the BEAST and without the mark you will not be able to buy or sell anything. If you accept the mark you have sealed your eternal damnation by serving the BEAST. People, my warning to you is to open your eyes and forget about political allegiances’ as both parties, for the most part, are working for the same goal. I have read about more then 25 impeachable acts that Obama has orchestrated not to mention not having proven or provided his ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS as REQUIRED to run for and hold his office and yet I see no one on the Republican side challenging these issues. If any of you remember Nixon he was impeached for what his advisors did and him having knowledge of the same. The other party jumped all over that to have him removed in hopes that they could gain control. Our 2 Parties are in the same bed. Obama in his own admission in a 2008 interview on I believe 60 minutes says how him and his wife HATED the United States but He would have to put that hatred behind him as he may soon become the president of these United States. WHY DOES ANYONE WANT SOMEONE WHO HATES OUR COUNTRY TO LEAD IT? If you notice when the flag passes before Obama He never places his hand over his heart and usually is looking indifferently away. Every state of the union address you will not find one single American flag behind him while every other President prior to him had as many as they could find room for behind them. When he was sworn into office he did not swear on a Bible but rather a Koran. I could go on and on but for some reason many in this country refuse to see past Democrat or Republican. They can't see that as he bankrupts our Nation and steals our power and our dollar shrinks even more we fall from the position desired by the whole World. No one can see that we no longer have a Constitution nor a Bill of Rights as He has past laws that make these documents powerless. PEOPLE you need to wake up and see clearly what is happening in your very own back yard before you see the horrors of which I spoke earlier come to pass..........

  34. Anonymous2:35 PM EDT

    Anon #15

    I love your post in that it seems resonably thought out, albeit only with half the truth in it. Certainly Obama has not made all the right decisions, but considering the fact that many personal rights guaranteed by the constitution were violated by W. Bush before Obama came in... please get it right because republicans have this agenda to make this a religious state and have been repeatedly trying to violate the constituion and not protect it like the new battlecry of the republicans. Did you know they are contemplating trying to remove the 14th amendment? Is that protecting the constitution? Good thing amendments have to be voted on. Not to mention that republican policies of finance that include letting big business have more tax cuts than the average americans doesn't work? More money into the hands of the greedy and expect that money to trickle down into the hands of the middle class who then has it taken away from them by the government because the government has to make up for not taxing the big businesses. That is such a great plan! Brilliant plan by republicans! But then, you lost any points with your closing of "chew on that, biyatch!" Way to close with such a lack of intelligence to ruin a point.

    #19 anon, yes and considering if you read executive orders from Bush, you would find the same kind of orders that circumvented the constitution and I am guessing if you went back throughout all our presidents exec orders, you would find many more that did the same thing. So when you post something as insipidly ignorant as you did, you have to realize we would have to impeach every last president for the past 100 years or more!

    All you who are crying for impeachment are foolish. Bush had 8 years to destroy this country and Obama has had two to try and fix the mess we are in and no one is willing to give him a chance. I can only think of how ignorant people crying for impeachment don't get how stupid they sound. I remember Clinton was attacked for his character and the republican controlled congress tried to impeach him and failed, all because he like getting himself a little "relief". Considering half the republicans were also doing that at the same time... made those fools look bad and anyone else crying for impeachment.

    1. Anonymous9:31 AM EDT

      Clinton was impeached, you Moron. The Democrats would not allow him to be removed from office, but he was impeached. You always protect someone who lied to you, or only Deomcrats?

  35. Anonymous8:00 PM EDT

    This article says that these are Obama's Ex Orders in his first 1,461 days in office. That is about four years, not 1 3/4 years. It makes me wonder what to believe and what not to believe when something is in print. Disappointing.

    1. Anonymous9:11 PM EST

      Yo retard, it says at the top that this page overs the 4 years(1461 days) of Obama's term, not how many days he has been in office for but how many he will total

  36. Anonymous2:33 AM EDT

    Obama, should be taken in to custody by the Federal Marshalls for not only violating his own EO's but conspiring to and effectively amending previous EO's to a much worse status.
    Then we have the whole issue of his inauguration and sworn duty which he has failed at deliberately! "to protect for all enemies, foreign and domestic" hell he's a terrorist elected by the the stupid (non-americans) who voted for him.

  37. Anonymous10:52 PM EDT

    i'm wondering !!!!when are we going to get that iraqie oil???what a bunch of idiots!! we got more oil here in us than all those middle east countries together!!!

  38. Anonymous10:57 AM EDT

    There seems to be nothing a citizen can do, when the government sets its violations / yet constitutional restriction form past decision continue deliberately EO's come to violated the nature of our system and over come the system we have come to depend but that is the is pass we as people no longer have the constitutional restriction of government because of the national emergency continuance due to the federal reserved and money issue as well as every matter of property we have lost our liberty Its time to rise and fight back the bankster and this government

  39. Anonymous10:41 PM EDT

    intbel haha why is that person on here at all?

  40. Anonymous3:08 PM EDT

    Are we Under Tyranny in the USA ?????

    Obama has No economic Plan to Increase Vital HUMAN needs in the Face of Inflation , this is a Disaster in the making !!!!!

    Obama can Only promise Money for Medicare , but what we the people really need is Production of durable goods or the Money Obama is promising will be useless if supply's are short , and Obama's Policies are running America out of abundant supply this is why we have Inflation on foods , Energy and other durable goods , THINK ..... National Bolsheviks , this is what they did to the Russian countries to gain control of the societies . The Indicators to whats going on that you can make the claim of Mismanagement of USA economic trends , is evident in the Inflation numbers , this tells you we are Not supplying enough its that simply , and all we get out of Obama is Talk no action on Expanding supply , its a stall tactic to allow time to let Inflation creep in and collapse the economy , WAKE UP !!!!! Your Resistance is at the state level , and demanding replacement of the CEO is now what we the people need .


    I pulled this Off ;
    Dr. Jerry Corsi comments on Bill “The Bloviator” O’Reilly

    Fox News scrubbed Bill O’Reilly ‘s 4/13 mailbag segment on Obama’s Social Security Number reserved for Connecticut applicants. I uploaded the edited podcast directly from Fox News’ website including a segment from today’s Peter Boyles radio show with Jerome Corsi discussing the scrubbing and Bill O’Reilly’s disinformation on Obama’s father. Not only did Fox News scrub the podcast they also left out the viewer email about Obama’s social security number at O’Reilly’s website


    Hope Senator Grassley breaks this thing wide open.

    1. Anonymous4:26 PM EST

      Inflation has always been and will always continue, the more things cahnge, the more they stay the same.
      Tom K.

  41. In order to be a "natural born citizen" as per the 1700's it's your FATHER who has to have been born in the U.S...not your mother.

    1. Anonymous7:21 PM EDT

      Also, you can not have anythung brak that citizenship. Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro from Indonesia. Barrack used the name Barry Soetoro. No one knows if the name was ever changed back legally. But that one fact broke his citizenship.

  42. Anonymous3:28 AM EDT

    If we don't get our act together soon, this country is doomed. Some of these E.O. run to the year 2015 and beyond, which tells me this man might know something, we don't. If Congress can't put this clown in his place, then I quess it is up to us. The Congress is afraid to impeach this man, for lack of confidence in his ability to govern. If he is impeached, then Biden would be in charge.Oh boy! Not the best choice but definitely a step up from the party boy we have now. The biggest problem we face is we have people that couldn't get a job at McDonald's that have a right to vote in our elections. The whole system is a joke, but it's all we have.

    1. Anonymous4:22 PM EST

      Hey dumb ass, what would be the grounds for impeachment, the fact that he is trying to clean up Bushes shit.
      Tom K.

  43. Anonymous10:16 AM EDT

    The REPUBLICAN DEMOCRAT Conspiracy to COVER-UP the Ineligibility of BOTH McCain and Obama in 2008 is what we see still playing today . this is why neither party will hold they other accountable for anything . This needs to be public knowledge NOW !!!! The Law Professor if the Key and needs to BE Publicly Challenges as to his Law review Claims and continuation of claims that he placed in articles only 8 days ago in CNN and Wikipedia defending his decisions that arte effecting you and me and every American Citizens and I want him questioned as to whether or not what he says has any merit and if so then Crimes have been committed and need to be dealt with and this goes all the way to the TOP !!!!!

    Check out this Link , this is how I think they were able to bribe the Republicans to stay shut up in 2008 and the last 2 1/2 years about Obama needing to prove eligibility to be Natural Born , its been a Bribe and a Cover-up from when this Law review was done in July of 2008 and If you remember McCain Lost his Power and force to challenge Obama about this time in the 2008 campaign .
    This link is the 2008 claim of McCain's ineligibility under Federal Constitutional law ;

    This guy just recently came out this Wikipedia link at the same time he wrote the CNN article link below about his further findings on Obama and McCain I think because of the Birther Issue thats been ramping up . we have to make this part of the battle to force the supreme court to address the Natural Born description of the CNN ARTICLE the Democrats are giving OBAMA cover with and also we need to Challenge the Silence by the Republicans on this and ask them if what this Law professor is saying about McCain's Ineligibility the reason why they have Not been willing to Challenge Obama's eligibility almost 3 years now ?? And we can Hold the Democrats in Contempt as well for Not making McCain step down out of the race rather than allowing the campaigns to continue to run as Fraudulent as this is and when their own law professor was the One who exposed the ineligibility of McCain in the first place AFTER the SENATE ratified McCain 2 1/2 months earlier with Senate resolution Bill 511 , !!! I am telling you this is a MESS of a cover-up by BOTH political parties and the Media is silent too , and needs to be speaking up and asking this Law Professor if he's wrong or if he right because its McCain's and the republicans fraud and conspiracy if he's right , and its Obama's Fraud of ineligibility if he wrong , but either way they all conspired to cover this all UP and it needs to come out !!!!
    There is another article out today that claims Obama was Born in Hawaii , and this claim is going to become very difficult to breach , its not about that as its really about the Cover-up thats Got each Party not willing to hold each other accountable because they Covered up the 2008 ineligibility of Both McCain and Obama .

    1. Anonymous6:42 PM EST

      Republicans shut up,I wish, all they spew is lies and garbage.
      Rush Limbaugh prime example.
      Tom K.

  44. Anonymous9:29 PM EDT

    Most of these are against our Constitution. And they should be brought before our Congress. They are destroying our Constitution and FREEDOM. Washington. There can only be so many laws, so many people in GOVERNMENT. Everyone cannot work for teh USG. We need to fire 75% of all Government workers give our Military a good raise and better conditions. Lower the pay of all Government workers and also pensions and Perks. They must be held accountable for everything. Let the private sector get bigger. Less taxes and FAIR TAX, FIRE the IRS, CLose FEMA they are anti American. Look at the FEMA CAMPS. Built by KBR for Extermination. Really sad, There are so many Communist in our Government and people against God and Jesus it's very sad. MAY GOD HELP US ALL.

  45. Anonymous9:06 AM EDT

    what happened to the listing .... new transparent controls?

  46. Anonymous7:56 PM EDT

    Honestly - why is it that the only thing I see in the comments here are angry Republitards bitching because they lost the election with McCain? Run someone with half a brain and then lets see how many exec. orders the republican can write.

    1. Anonymous5:49 AM EST

      Hey President Obama is a Democrat, and he writes tons of Dictorial Orders.

  47. Anonymous12:26 PM EDT

    @ Anon 46 - Are you serious??? We are bitching because we lost the election with McCain??? Here is alittle something coming from the "other side" WE DONT LIKE MCCAIN EITHER jackass. McCain is a wolf in sheep's clothing, he is no more a republican than the dumbass in office now is a democrate.

  48. THIS is why I keep saying, our GOP nominee MUST PROMISE that on day one he or she will sign however many executive orders that nullify EVERY SINGLE OBAMA executive order. That is something that can be done immediately. If one or two E.O.s are worth having (doubtful), they should be revisited later. But the effect of Obama's E.O. aggression should end the day a Republican is elected. Why haven't THEY thought of this??

  49. Obamanation is the worst president this country has ever seen,but I believe all of this been orchestrated,obama is a puppet at best, an empty suit,controled by the banksters and people like sorros.

    1. Anonymous8:06 PM EDT

      You are a tipical ignorant republican bigot.

  50. Anonymous10:14 PM EDT

    Executive orders were only meant to help streamline the enforcements of aws already passed by congress. Not to be used to dictate law, the constituion gave power only to legislate law to congress, not the president, to rule by these orders not only is unconstitutional, but make the president a dictator, and perpatrates tyranny on the American peoples

  51. Anonymous11:56 PM EDT

    No wonder we are broke! How many people had to be hired and paid to execute the nonsense enclosed within these orders. I can see why 200,000 new employees have been added to the Federal ranks since Obama took over. And I'm sure he reads all of their reports and listens to all their comments. Sure he does. What a waste. This government needs a knife taken to it. Entire departments should be eliminated. Not only would we save huge amounts of money, but we would all be a lot freer!

    1. Anonymous2:21 PM EDT

      All true and all part of the Constitutional Conservative and TEA partisan's mindset or agenda. All at loggerheads with the Mitch McFossils, not to mention the Reids and Pelousys. Clean house of all demos and any RINOS when the opportunity presents. That would also loosen the stranglehold on the committeeships that have served us so poorly of late.

  52. Anonymous11:19 PM EDT

    Folks... it's not the execution of the orders that is scary, it's WHAT'S IN THEM (new regulations that are paid for out of funding in another brance etc.) AND THE DEFINED INTENT (to establish regulation that is paid for out of funding in another branch). Any of the above "paid for out of funding in another branch" is required to be voted on in congress. THIS IS WHERE THE ISSUES ARE. Unfortunately, you have to read the old and the new to see the sneaky stuff being done. Probably why links were provided on both when available. A GOOD .gov Analyst working for one of our congressmen/women would be analyzing each one and providing an easy to read (to the congressional floor) each change and identifing those that stomp on congressional power and congressional power alone. When found, congress should demand they be re-worked, or REMOVED.

  53. Anonymous4:56 AM EDT

    Good grief - the stupidity of some of these comments makes me think He should sign an Executive order for another great flood...

  54. Anonymous9:47 PM EDT

    People...take care what you are reading. In comment 19, two EO's were mentioned, and the ensuing comments were calling for impeachment. Just because this is a site supposedly about Obama..., not necessarily so.
    The two EO's, 12425 and 13528 were about two entirely different things. 12425 was pursuant to a congressional bill recently passed, and the EO was dated 1983, by Reagan. 13528 is another matter, and is in support of UN Agenda 21, and signed last June by Obama.
    I wonder who the posters want to impeach? Better hurry for Reagan.

  55. Anonymous7:08 PM EDT

    Listing to you guys argue over who is the blame, calling names, you are all falling into just what keeps WE THE PEOPLE from voting the crooks out of office. It does not make any difference which party someone belongs to, what makes a difference is DO YOU BELIEVE IN OUR CONSTITUTION, OUR LAWS. OUR COUNTRY AND MOST OF ALL OUR FREEDOM! Most of our politicans DO NOT and do not do what is best for this counrty and its citizens. Too much corruption in our governments from our towns, cities, states, to federal government. They all take an OATH to uphold our Constitution and do they? We need to come together put differences aside and find people to elect who does believe in this country and our constitution and its citizens. What future do our children/grandchildren have but a debt of 14+ trillion and growing everyday, while those we elected get richer and richer and provide big retirement benifits for themselves at the tax payers expence.
    One more thing no elected person should be able to have their records sealed. They are either elegable for office or they do not qualify; all records should be open to the citizens of this country so they can judge for themselves who is this person. They take an OATH and if they don't obey that oath then we should have the right to recall them and take them out of office.
    We need to work together don't let them seprate us you have of phrase "DIVIDE AND CONQUER" that is their game plan. The past is the past and the mistakes made are made; it does not matter by who we can not change them; but THE FURURE IS YOURS TO MAKE for you, your family, your children, your grandchildren and their children....

    1. Anonymous4:16 PM EDT

      AMEN! Don't think Party--think Patriot. But what in do we do now, except get Obama out of our lives?

    2. Anonymous4:17 PM EST

      The problem is that if someone is voted in that wants what is right for the American people, the hire ups in office will ruin there careers.
      We need to get rid of everyone, start over again, and keep the greed out of it.
      Tom K.

  56. Anonymous4:30 PM EDT

    Tell me, where does it say that he wants to take my interval pay! I can't believe I voted for him!

  57. Anonymous10:10 PM EDT

    If you voted for Obama
    to prove you're not a racist,
    now vote for someone else
    to prove you're not an IDIOT!

    1. Anonymous7:11 AM EDT

      That's the sad part.....if they voted for Barry, they are racist!
      The only reason they voted for him was his race, nothing more!
      That in my book makes one racist, not the other way around.
      You vote your heart and conscious....your a racist, yeah right.

  58. Anonymous2:25 PM EDT

    There should be a comparison of Executive Orders by other presidents. I bet that would really be an eye-opener. G.W.Bush's for one.

  59. Anonymous4:56 PM EDT

    The question is not IF he was a natural born citizen, or not, but WHY did he make his birth and school records secret. To me, at least, that is very suspect. It implies that he has something to hide. As far as I know, he has not produced a Birth Certificate. He has produced a Certificate of Birth and there is a difference.

  60. I thought executive orders COULD NOT pertain to anything that was financial--that those topics had to be voted upon by Congress. Yet, I see executive orders here that do pertain to money matters, such as: Executive Order 13561 - Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay

    How can this executive order stand?

  61. Anonymous5:39 PM EST

    Bill Clinton WAS impeached, but not removed from office...(please get your facts straight!)as the scum-_ _ _ _ lame duck had such a short time left in office! He and his ilk are largely responsible for our current financial fiasco through ending Glass Stegal, and Barney (yay! He's leaving!!!)Frank giving homeloans to millions who couldn't qualify, even allowing federal handouts(welfare, food stanmps, etc)as "income!

    1. Anonymous3:59 PM EST

      Clinton had Kenneth Star trying to impeach him from day one, the fact is he was a HELL of a lot better president than Bush Sr. or Jr, especially Jr. Jr is the reason for our debt, not Obama, but the republicans tend to forget that. ha, ha,
      Tom Krey

  62. Anonymous4:39 PM EST

    Bush signed 240 Executive orders in his time in office. Obama’s Birth Certificate has been online since the beginning and attested to by the Governor and Secretary of State of Hawaii, can’t be any better proof the President was born in America. President Obama’s Mother was white; he was mostly raised in Kansas with his Grand-Parents. If you have a problem with him being President, it must be because you are Racist no matter what you say. Man up, if your are a racist, just admit it.
    Gingrich has collected 1.6 million dollars from Fanny Mae for his services. Frank is one of the few that refuse to use his inside knowledge for insider trading. Most of the others in Congress have made Billions trading on the stock market using inside information, although I would be put in jail for doing the same thing. Rommney, Gingrich, Boehaner and McConnell have been the worst offenders.

    1. Anonymous7:41 AM EDT

      So its been attested by the Hawaiian Governor and Secretary of State. So why do they refuse to show the original certificate to prove his identity?

    2. Anonymous6:00 PM EDT

      When did his grand-parents move to Kansas? I thought they lived in Hawaii.

  63. Anonymous9:36 PM EST

    Did you not hear that explanation from Gingrich that he did not receive that entire amount but a small portion. I believe it was around 30,000 and not what the news media reported. You forgot to add Nancy and the Ketchup Guy. I'm sure there are many more. As far as Barnie, it was reported that he was not aware that his boyfriend was growing pot in their home and another boyfriend Gobie had a male call service out of his Washington apartment. Also his boyfriend Moses worked for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but he didn't see a conflict of interest when he continued pushing for these loans that melted the housing market and caused a great deal of the melting down of the economy. He probably didn't need insider trading money as it appears he was getting it from other sources. I find it interesting that all of a sudden he is retiring and running away like a cat with his tail on fire. Where is that great rhetoric that he is so well known for. He sure is laying low. I say there is no one left in Washington who is looking out for our best interest and there has not been for quite some time. Well maybe there might be a handfull but what can they do. Remember the 51% paying the taxes for the rest of the country is shrinking daily so I don't think that the one percent can make up the difference. Keep spending and keep raising the debt ceiling. Whats 1.2 TRILLION dollars. Hey congress. go for it.

    1. Anonymous3:55 PM EST

      Don't forget, Clinton had a balance budget, Bush screwed that up.
      And that's a fact jack.

  64. Anonymous11:10 AM EST

    I Voted for Ross Perot. Don't go saying dems this and rep independent and get that two headed snake the hell out of there. Independents raise enough money to race why dont you vote them and stop all this madness?...o yer all scared sadistic cowards thats bad...good day!

    1. Anonymous10:46 PM EDT

      So who's the independent you voted for in recent elections? NONE.
      Nice lecture, but not thought out. Perot is what gave Clinton a second term.

    2. Anonymous7:24 PM EDT

      Perot mostly attracted unsatisfied Democrats. Anyone writing in Perot in protest is picking Obama for that reason. He attracted people on the fringe of society who clearly want to dictate rather than participate in a Democratic process. Only the fringe to the Far Left holds that point of view.

      I'm a real Independent voter who does not need to mislead. You vote Perot, you are for Obama whether you want to be or not. Fact always outweighs spin.

      Perot has never been a Republican but a bizarre version of a Libertarian who is a hardcore Protectionist, opposed to Free Trade. Hate is his stock and trade, which is why he attracts such fanatical followers. He is a notable favorite of the Democratic Parties KKK wing in the South. Southern Democrat cross burners will be writing his name in, no doubt.

    3. Anonymous3:52 PM EST

      As an independent, u vote for who u think would be best at the time. Lets face facts, W Bush SUCKED. Put it this way, W was such a bad president that he had a black man voted in after him. I never thought in my lifetime I would ever see a black man in the oval office. I voted for him the second time but not the 1st.
      he turned out to be a better president than I thought he would be, better than if Romney flip flop etcha sketch would have ever been.You think this country is bad now, think of how screwed we would have been if Romney had won. Laying off people to create jobs, that's how its done. Ryan not one word of truth came put of his mouth, and he teaches his kids that tripe.
      The truth is Obama inherited a pile of shit that Bush and Chenney left behind, they both have blood on there hands, and then he has to deal with the dumb ass republicans in congress like John Banner and his crocodile tears. That guy is an asshole, he doesn't care about the American people, and neither does his cronies, or they would do whats right for the us.
      His health care is set, his retirement is set, his income is set. I think they should have to go to work without pay or benefits untill they take care of the people of this country in the right way. there are bad Democrats yes, but far more bad republicans. Most of them want to have the church in charge of our lives, after all our sins are causing the natural disasters, not our vehicles and coal burning companys'. Or maybe we are just getting ready for another climate change, like the earth to flip on the axes. It has happened before and is way over due, according to science studys of the past.
      Greed, Corruption, and Religious freaks are the cause of 90% of the problems in this world.

  65. Anonymous11:46 PM EDT





    1. Anonymous3:33 PM EDT

      The first two years the Congress was overwhelmingly Democratic with two dictators at the heads: Pelosi and Reid. Senate is still Dem with Duke Reid. Nothing will get done as long this remains the case.

    2. Anonymous3:30 PM EST

      Not true, maybe the 1st two months it was Democratic.
      Another paranoid republican.

  66. Anonymous1:45 PM EDT

    Just google NWO, ILLUMINATI, Obama Deception Turns out those conspiracy nuts might have a liitle bit og this correct. Stop fighting over rep. or dem they are coming for evrything we own and wnt us to work for free. America has heart disease and if we as brothers and siters in america do not do something soon Its all over.We all know its a recession hell we know its a depression out here , a dollar buys what a nickle use to buy Now Im not telling you to go and start riots or write letters to congress I wouldnt kow what to say But one thing I know is weve got to get mad we have to go to our windows open them up and say im a human being i have right Gad dammit Im as mad as hell and Im not gonna take this anymore got to your windows open them up and sceam at the top of your lungs "im mad as hell and Im not gonna take this anymore" thats from a movie called network but its as poinient today as it was in the seventies. Take alook whenever you guys get a chance Public outrage has stoped the use of pink slime as a filler in public school lunches lets get together peacefully and stop them from pink sliming the whole country.

    1. Anonymous3:25 PM EST

      Its the republicans that think pink slime in our food is good. because there is someone making money on it.

  67. Anonymous6:17 PM EDT

    I would really like to know who is writing these executive orders for Obama as he is one that will let anyone that has any sense of law that will actually make us part of the "One World" government that he and his group wants. They are using him as their puppet and he's too stupid to realize what he is doing. Hopefully, in November, he will be replace by someone other than a socialist/Marxist/Communist style president. I suggested several years ago that he and his friends have on their agenda, a one party rule, a dictatorship style of government and if he is re-elected we will have that. He must be replaced.

  68. Anonymous5:50 PM EDT

    Thank you for posting all this - I agree with most of you (what I've been able to read) and have come to believe this is all leading to a goal ordained by men far more powerful than Obama - unfortunately his unquestioned use of these Executive Orders is getting the job done faster and faster. I'm having trouble with every Executive Order link I've tried on this site. Is this deliberate? They all seem to lead to the same unrelated website.

  69. What is the Email address for the OWNER of this Blog?
    Mine is -

  70. Hey, Anonymous - I just found this site, and plan to use it
    when I write on FBook.
    Question for you - Do you use the handle - Anoymous
    because you are a coward? Or, why?

    1. Anonymous8:17 PM EDT

      Just to irritate morons like you

  71. Nicole LeTourneau9:35 AM EDT

    It would be helpful if you posted in the blog the number of executive orders that Obama's predecessors had made by a similar point in their terms.

  72. Nicole - That is one of the items I cover in my upcoming book but maybe I could include some of it here as well.

  73. It would be nice if I was able to read the entire article but your page is overrun with ads and that nasty Sears ad has blocked out part of your article.

  74. Anonymous9:59 PM EDT

    Open your eyes, USA has been kidnapped by powerful Jewish Zionist interests. They want a complete extermination of the Indo-European race. Behind the precidente is the dark agenda of Zionism. Obama is just a puppet with very bad intentions. DO A RESEARCH IN YOUTUBE ABOUT JEWS...


    1. Anonymous3:15 PM EST

      More of that Paranoia

  75. If you didn't figure it out before he was elected, you should have gotten it when he signed the first EO... a 180 on one of his campaign promises about what he would not do...and for such a self serving matter what you believe about the BC. But, while we're down here calling people racist for wanting answers to questions now made off limits by his first executive order - the criminals that financed his election...his new campaign...Romney's campaign...both sides of all Presidential campaigns... Financed both sides of every war...Launder drug money flowing from the sales of opium grown in Afghanistan (Wells Fargo caught laundering $300 Billion plus last year...fined $20 million!)...That financed the Bolshevik revolution...and on and on.
    The criminals that pay 5 lobbyists for every criminal in Congress.
    I'm talking about the Banksters..who have no loyalty to this country and hate the Constitution...because they are above the Law and are Globalists.
    And that is what you should have got on that day, if not before then...You have no choice - only the illusion of one. And should not be surprised because we've been told more than once in many ways. From as direct as FDR saying that Presidents are selected - not as indirect as JFK's military style public execution - which is still argued about today...but we never discuss why. To Trump telling us the only anti war Constitutionalist can never be President...then blindly believing the forged evidence.
    We are now a country more divided than ever...illegally killing people in far off lands claiming our soldiers are fighting and dying for our freedoms while letting our government steal them.
    We are in very serious trouble and I have to wonder how many Americans realize that it is all part of a plan signed into executive orders through many criminal administrations headed by many criminal Presidents...all selected and funded by the Banksters..Scum bags of the Universe...and rulers of the Socialist Fascist Totalitarian Police State...The New World Disorder!

    1. Anonymous5:44 PM EDT

      Yep! If you want to know who's actually in contol just FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! Check out the movie THRIVE. It's on Youtube. Kind of lenghty but worth it!

  76. Anonymous6:06 AM EDT

    To all I am amazed at the supidity of some of theses responses. How many of you are political science majors? There's enough blame to go around, but let's be real our economy is in the tank because we had eight years of "W", who stole the presidency because Florida couldn't count, started two wars that he never planned to pay for need I go on? He had 243 EO while president and he had a congress backing his ignorance. President Obama does not and seeing that a President is unable to pass bills he's using his executive powers. The 112th congress are passing stupid bills, like naming post offices after does that help working class Americans. Please if you post something remember 99% of us are in the same boat and if they divide the 99% in 99 ways they win.

    1. Anonymous8:12 PM EDT

      Just keep drinking the punch, you DB!

    2. Anonymous3:08 PM EST

      You are so right, its the dumb ass republicans living in there bubble, listening
      to fox news and people like Rush limbaugh, as if what they say is not a bunch of made up shit.

    3. Obama is doing a pretty good job so far of dividing us 99 ways. I've never seen this country so fragmented and in turmoil in 50 years.

  77. Anonymous6:46 PM EDT

    What in the hell was so wrong with this Country that the People would allow One Man to gain all of this power? This One Man who is a total Cacophony of Conundrums comes along who has absolutely no Scholastic Degrees in anything to use as his play book of knowledge so he can run a Country! We become a mesmerized People turned to Sheep who believe the spoken eloquence of exactly what you needed to hear, a Promise of everything but a deliverance nothing. No one could step up and ask a Black Man about his past or his qualification after all, we don't want to appear to be prejudice and Wow, an intelligent black man at that! Exactly Who is He and What does He know? More important, Who does he know and what will He do for them? Well Hell, He's a Senator! Did he really represent the People? How far can his Political Science Degree get him to pull the car out of the ditch, an analogy that He so famously used, that Bush drove US into! This One Man also hasn't had a single job in his life that gives him a working knowledge of how to even call a Tow truck! Being a Senator does nothing when he abstained with every single vote while in office! What, he couldn't make a decision or take responsibility for being wrong?
    Passing the Bar, working as an Attorney who has Never stepped one foot in a Court to Litigate, who worked for Activism, most of those of whom were unqualified and he hired as Czars. He became a Community Organizer using a knowledge base of teachings from Collage Professors who professed Socialism and Marxism as a way to Change our capitalist Free Market system, for Peoples rights, their entitlements through a Share the wealth Ideology! Using the Play book, or actually the Drivers Handbook
    written by Saul Alinsky, Obama attempted to start the engine of that car only He forgot to set the brake! He is now diving that car, heading over a cliff with Our economy and Cars aren't equipped with parachutes! Why, Obama doesn't have a drivers License or the credentials to to figure how to get US out of this Situation! He needs People who have the skills to fix the Car! Using His Authority to Delegating Czars who who have no background in mechanics of their positions, to operate a car garage, those appointees who didn't have congressional approval, so what in the hell knowledge base or work skills is Obama going to draw upon to fix this thing? Ohm maybe He can Executive Order his way into finding an answer!
    You Liberals continue to listen to the 97% controlled Liberal Media believing everything Obama says as truth and therefore the Liberal Media is a prime example if slanted disinformation which displays a clear view on the diagnostic screen in the Garage, that you are being Politically Lobotomized! Obama has used his Promise of "Hope & Change", to lie about the created jobs which now actually stand at over 23% across the Country! (check the formula use of the BLS from '96) Our Country wasn't as bad as the Press led you to believe but stories of Our Countries demise is always big news! Was everything that you knew and had so bad that One Man came along and said that "In 5 days I will Fundamentally Transform the United States of Amerika! And you Libs want 4 more? Really?

    1. Anonymous4:27 PM EDT

      What in hell is wrong with this country you ask??? How about: ENTITLEMENTS for one. Then, So You THink You Can Dance, American Idol, The X-Factor, The VOICE, etc. More people know who the final contestants are on those shows than who know who their U.S. senators and congressmen are. In addition, the American history books have been rewritten to exclude facts about our history and replace them with politically correct bullshit.

    2. Anonymous2:58 PM EST

      Why is it okay to give money to other countries, and not keep it here to help our poor and our sucky education system? If taking care of our own is socialism,
      then I'm for that part of it. You are obviously living in the republican bubble.
      You republicans talk about freedom, while the whole time trying to cram you ideas down our throats. Church should be and always be separate from government.
      Did you forget about George W Dumb ass Bush. Most spending and government than any other president. A quote from George Dumb Ass, (my job would be a lot easier if I was dictator) end of quote. And that's a fact jack.
      the government must be listening, a huey just flew over my house, here it comes again.

  78. Anonymous12:34 PM EDT

    the fight will only take place when there is nothing left.
    every great empire has fallen with a life span of around 2-300 years on top.
    you sit, you talk, you gripe, one day you will be forced to act.
    neither group care about you or I, dems or rep.

    what flavor is your coolaid????

  79. Anonymous10:40 AM EDT

    Well put lot have fallon before us,People will talk but not react untill they will be force to take action Then will not make it they are use to city life.

  80. More favorable to his part. Clear as that.

  81. Anonymous5:33 PM EDT

    We all need to realize this is not a Republican or Democratic issue. This is everyday hard working American citizens versus the government. It's us against them. "They" are all on the same team driven by money and power. Our constitution has slowly but strategically been watered down and it's time we realize that we no longer live in a democracy. As Obama continues to declare our nation in a National Stateof Emergency, his power continues to grow (because of the EOs). He has moved all his chess pieces in place and as the election draws near (this is, of course, IF we have an election), I am afraid we will see check mate. We have to stop arguing among ourselves and ban together ( and democrats) as citizens to save what is left of our nation, if it's not already too late. Let's quit pointing the finger and put verbs in our sentences to take action. We, the people, are America! Not the small percentage of the wealthy. It is up to us.

    1. Anonymous5:57 PM EDT

      So, what do we do? How do we fix it?

  82. Amy Sandridge9:21 AM EDT

    The number of Executive Orders reported for Obama is 138 according to your site however Bernie Goldberg of the NYT reported 932. Why is there such a disparity? Also, where are three Executive Orders that I personally know about: the killing of the US citizen by a drone in Yemen; the order to kill Osama bin Laden and the immigration act requesting a type of amnesty for undocumented persons under the age of 30.

  83. Anonymous5:09 PM EDT

    If we the people don't get it together, our freedom is doomed. We are letting our own government have to much control of our lives. It needs to stop. WAKE UP!

    1. Anonymous5:08 AM EST

      Call you representatives, tell them we believe Executive Orders create a dictatorship. We don't want a King. We want our Democracy back!

  84. George W. Bush averaged more per year than Obama. Reagan the poster child of the right far and away holds the record. Check your facts instead of repeating rhetoric.

    You obviously skew the numbers from where I can only guess. Get it right or end your blog.

  85. Donnie, President Ronald Reagan held office from 1981 to 1989. During that time he wrote and issued 380 total Executive Orders.

    You can check the National Archives if you would like to check the facts.

    His orders started at EO-12287 and ended at EO-12667. Over 8 years in office that would work out to 47.5 EO's per year. (Sorry but it's easy math 380/8)

    President George W. Bush held office from 2001 to 2009 and his Executive Orders started at EO-13198 and ended at EO-13488. That's 290 Executive Orders. 290/8 = 36.25 per year.

    President Obama has been in office for almost 4 years. He has written 139 Executive Orders to September 25 2012. That puts him just behind President George W's 8 year average at 34.75. But that is only 4 years. You would be right if we were comparing 8 to 4 in a flat manner and just tossing the extra 1461 days away.

    You can skew the facts if you want to - I prefer not to skew them and cover them with fire or candy.

    I let the Facts speak for themselves.

    Maybe you should spend some time reading my blog a little bit more. Check out the "what other Presidents have used the Executive Order" post.

    You might find it informative.

    In four years President Herbert Hoover (1929-1933) issued 995 Executive Orders. Franklin D. Roosevelt, President from 1933 to 1945 wrote 3466 Executive Orders. President Roosevelt holds the record hands down at 288 per year.

    1. Anonymous2:44 PM EST

      I have a question for u. I heard that Obama signed an executive order changing the welfare reforms that Clinton put into place. As of to date I have found no such order. Is this true. I always like to seek out the truth, for it will set u free. And as far as government is concerned, they are all crooks.

  86. Anonymous4:52 PM EDT

    Prince Obama is trying to become King Obama of America. He dumps on the US Constitution like it were a latrine and expects we Patriots to sit on our hands while he dismembers our Beloved Representative Republic of America. Obama Must Go.

    1. Anonymous1:47 PM EST

      Explain, show some legitimate samples. I myself look for the truth and don't rely on Rush Limbaugh, or fox news for the truth. everything out of there mouths is just made up paranoia bull shite.

    2. Oh tell us wise Anonymous one!!! How do you do your research??? LMAO

  87. Anonymous9:31 AM EDT

    you have all forget one thing it takes dems&rep to elect a a new pres bashing the dems make them stay for obama is this what you want

  88. There is only ONE 'party'. I'm sure you really all understand this. Aaron Russo said it so well in the film 'America:From Freedom To Fascism' he made before his untimely death. It's the same here in Britain, only we have a third little party running interference, a little 'candyfloss' for the more so-called intelligent voters. But I came to the conclusion that there really are no 'intelligent' voters or 'parties'. It's all a set of conditions that has been set up to function a certain way, and no-one seems willing to look past it, through it, around it or in some other way to break the mold.
    It is a mold that needs breaking and being a member of any party, or advocating any party is just plain silly in this criminal climate we now find ourselves in.
    BANK BAILOUT: subscribed to by ALL parties in Europe and the USA.
    Undeclared WARS: subscribed to by ALL parties in Europe and the USA.
    Fraudulent misuse of LAWS or Constitutions: subscribed to by ALL parties in Europe and the USA.
    Ignoring the real will of the voters and carrying out major electoral fraud: a speciality of the USA, but I'm reasonably sure it goes on in Europe, especially with our un-elected European Commission being kept in office against the voters wishes.
    Etc., etc., etc....
    So what to do. Well I think the Spanish are trying and the Greeks tried and so far have created a sort of stale-mate.
    I think the Spanish thing will get far worse before it gets better because now 'the people' get it. They understand they are being screwed royally by criminals in office and mostly in the Private Banking sector. We can lay all of these problems at the door of two main families:
    The Rothchilds and the Rockefellers and all their underhanded 'friends'.
    So, quit supporting either party and hold them both accountable at the same time, because they are just engaged in doing the same dance, albeit with slightly different steps.

    1. Anonymous3:23 PM EST

      You are the 1st person on here that I have seen that really gets it. The parties are window dressing. It is all scripted for the benefit of the voters. It is nothing more that Saturday Night Wrestling, for Pete's sake. They are crashing all of the countries economies on purpose with the intent of bringing a world government. Just listen to the politicians and you hear them admit it all the time. People are just not listening. I think most of you know they are all criminals but are not comfortable in admiting it. If you admit it, you may have to do something about it and that would interfere with your football games and mindless TV shows. All the problems the world has are created by the Elite on purpose. The strategy is from the Hegelian Dialectic. They create a problem and wait for the mases to scream and beg for an answer to the problem. They then act as our saviors and jump in to help the poor mases with their problem. The help that they give you is to inact the policies that they wanted to put in place before the whole problem started. It is brilliant actually. Nobody ever see's it coming. The only thing that can stop these criminals is sunshine. We must shine light on their deeds so they will be exposed for what they are. They all know this and I think they are worried they will be exposed before they can bring their World Order into place. Now you may all jump in and call me stupid and say that I am wearing a tin foil hat. That is fine; I am used to it.

    2. Anonymous4:48 PM EST

      The Hegelian dialectic is the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution

  89. Anonymous3:07 PM EDT

    In doing my research on Obama's executive orders, I learned since 2009, his memos and directives are also considered law and under the same constraints as EO's.

    How do get the info on all of his memo's?

    1. Anonymous2:39 PM EST

      Memos and directives are not laws until signed into law. were did u get that info from I wonder.

  90. U.S. Compliance can assist you in developing, implementing and maintaining effective environmental programs and procedures.

    Environmental compliance services

    Thanks & Regard


    1. Anonymous1:25 PM EST

      post the article. And Clinton was not impeached, he did lie under ought, but he was still a great president. Lets see we had a balanced budget, we had good foreign relations. Bush screwed all that up, and gave Obama a mass deficit.
      Another paranoid republican living in there bubble.
      Tom K.

    2. Anonymous12:02 PM EST

      "And Clinton was not impeached"

      ??? Uh, he WAS impeached, he just wasn't found guilty.

      Saying we should go back to the sunshine days of the Clinton administration is akin to one with a terrible hang-over wishing it were the night before again. The Bush years were the morning after.

      "Lets see we had a balanced budget..."

      This country hasn't had a balanced budget in over half a century. Any improvements made during the 90s were the work of the first GOP congress in about that same time frame.

  92. Anonymous4:17 PM EST

    invest in GOLD, GUNS and AMMO
    your going to need them

    1. Anonymous1:27 PM EST

      Don't u all know, the U.S is not a country, but a business.

    2. Anonymous1:35 PM EST

      It's funny that Romney was going to create jobs, how by laying people off.
      Half of this country is crazy, and they go my the name of the republican party.

    3. Anonymous5:40 AM EST

      Hey ! wake up! that election is over. Just look at how good this administration is doing. We are another four to five trillion in debt ( a new record for a president!) . Also, almost a default on the government bills laying off thousands of workers. The Federal Reserve just prints up another trillion deflated dollars. We are at about five-hundred percent inflation.... Our president wants to bring in millions of illegal aliens and their families to make them Citizens. oh yes! there are about 100 million people in Mexico that want to come. And it looks like he is an illegal alien also....I can.t wait for the next election.....

  93. Anonymous11:55 AM EST

    "Executive Orders become law if unchallenged by the Congress 30 days after they are submitted."


    Section 1

    All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

  94. "Executive Orders become law ..."

    Pray tell, where does it say so in the U.S. Constitution?

    I spend less than two minutes on this site and find such a blatant error, it makes me wonder if anything else here is based on fact.

  95. i like president obama.. quickly anda keep smilee..

  96. Snopes: Obama's 900 Executive Orders…?

    Bush 291. Obama 138

  97. Anonymous12:36 AM EDT

    It is interesting how whitehouse website and this blog do not list one of Obama's most proud executive orders. The opening and sending of hundreds of millions of dollars to agencies in foreign countries who abort babies. Curious, maybe that is how one reporting agency claims he signed over 900 EOs and you claim he signed just over 130. If people don't look close, no one would notice there are EOs not listed...?

    Even rational minds end up sounding like conspiracy theorists with the "leaders" we have in DC.

  98. Anonymous8:20 AM EDT

    Hello there! This article couldn't be written any better! Looking through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept preaching about this. I most certainly will send this article to him. Pretty sure he'll have a very good read.
    I appreciate you for sharing!

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  99. Replies
    1. Anonymous8:03 PM EDT

      What do you like about him? The fact that he is destroying the constitution, emasculating our military, increasing our national debt to unsustainable levels, increasing taxes with his application of social programs, ruining America's Health Care System, losing our blood and treasure to the ISIS takeover of Iraq, losing control of our Southern Border, allowing terrorists to build their networks of sleeper cells among us, his handing over of American sovereignty to the United Nations New World Order, or his socialistic pattern of behavior in his "fundamental transformation of America?"

      There are six things that could account for your infatuation with Obama:

      1. You don't keep up with what is happening in Washington;
      2. You are a girl and like his butt;
      3. You are on government assistance;
      4. You love your socialism, being from a left leaning nation;
      5. You are a communist and hate America; or
      6. You believe that a one world government administered by the U.N. will be a better form of governing than the Founder's constitution.

      If the first reason listed is what accounts for your apparent lack of knowledge regarding world affairs, read W. Cleon Skousen's book "The 5,000 Year Leap." If the second reason is how you chose our leaders, you should control any hormonal urges you may be exhibiting. If your reason is number three, get a job. If you are from a left-leaning nation, either go home, or learn the old fashioned American principle of being a successful entrepreneur. If you are best described by numbers five or sic, move to a communist country and get a good dose of utopia.

  100. Anonymous8:48 PM EDT

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  101. Anonymous7:31 PM EDT

    Monday Aug 18

    There is no such thing as a proper Executive Order in our day and age. This is especially true with Obama. There is no way President Obama has the mental or physical ability to write as many E.O.'s as he does without help from a team of left wing lawyers helping out.

    Each E.O. Obama signs has a purpose. The purpose of of 99% of them is to weaken the United States. This man is a menace and when he says, "I have a pen and a telephone, and I know how to use them," he "isn't just whistling Dixie."

    The best thing Congress could do; but will not; is to take this power to legislate away from the Executive Branch. No one person should hold the power that the President has in writing Executive Orders. It is a dangerous power in the best of hands. In the case of someone such as Obama, this power is a disaster waiting to happen.

    Write your Representative and Member of the Senate and ask them to introduce a Bill to take this power away from Obama. At best it is dangerous, but in Obama's case this power is nothing but open warfare on our constitution, our inalienable rights and liberties.


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