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What Presidents have used Executive Orders

In the beginning of the Obama Presidency some bloggers attempted to claim that President George W. Bush and many other former Presidents had rarely exercised the Executive Order privilege granted to the President of the United States by the Constitution.

This is incorrect.

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All Presidents except one, have used the Executive Order or a form of the Executive Order to command, direct and operate the Federal Government. Some used the Executive Order to push through laws when the Senate and Congress failed to move forward on what the leader of the free world felt were urgent and necessary laws that needed to be enacted immediately.

Read the Trump Administration's Executive Orders here

Read the Obama Administration's Executive Orders List here

Pres. Barack Obama (D) (2009 - 2016) issued a total of 277 Executive Orders over his 8 years in office. President Obama's executive orders started at Executive Order 13489 and ended with Executive Order 13765.

President George W Bush 2001 - 2009

Pres. George W. Bush (R) (2001-2009) had a total of 291 Executive Orders throughout his 8 years in office. President George W. Bush started with EO 13198 and ended with EO 13488. The 1461 has started to put President George W Bush's list of Executive Orders.

You can view President George W Bush's Executive Orders from his Administrations years in office by clicking this link.

President Bill Clinton 1993 - 2001

Pres. Bill Clinton (D) (1993-2001) issued 363 Executive Orders starting with EO 12834 and ending with 13197.

President George H W Bush 1989 - 1993

Pres. George H W Bush (R) (1989-1993) issued 165 Executive Orders. They are EO's 12668 to 12833.

President Ronald Reagan 1981 - 1989

Ronald Reagan (R) (1981-1989) signed 380 Executive Orders into law. His EO's started at 12287 and ended at 12667.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued a total of 3,728 Executive Orders throughout his administration which was in power from 1933 to 1945. FDR issued 573 Executive Orders in 1933 alone. FDR's Executive Orders started with EO-6071 and ended at EO-9537.

The Listing of Executive orders in the Congressional Library runs in a numeric order starting with the first Executive orders passed until the most current.

When President Donald J Trump took office his EO list started from #EO-13766

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  1. I think we should put Congress on Minimum Wages and take away there Health insurance and see if that makes them do there job's a little better and we will see who really is there just for the people.

    Ellery Richard Spriner Jr.

    1. Mr. Spriner - I agree with you. If the ones who lead the Nation had to live as the majority of the nation does things would be much different indeed

    2. Anonymous9:14 PM EDT

      Agreed! Let them see what it is like to live on wages of an American Citizen. Bet they would be doing their jobs a heck of alot better, if no other reason than to increase their own wages & get their healthcare back. Blood sucking mosquitos they are.

    3. Anonymous1:16 PM EDT

      AND...eliminate pensions. They can invest in a 401k or other savings program like the vast majority of the folks do.

    4. Anonymous9:13 PM EDT

      I would ban them from becoming a lobbyist.

    5. Anonymous1:23 PM EDT

      Naw, they would just raise the minimum wage to suit their desired lifestyle, with the appropriate bonuses and exclusions from reporting income.

      ZERO salary until the next election cycle.

      IF they did a good job, the People can vote them a bonus.

      IF they failed to perform to the expectations and campaign promises, the People should have the RIGHT to file criminal charges.

    6. The point here is this statement:
      "...leader of the free world felt were urgent and necessary laws that needed to be enacted immediately."
      What is needed is the comparison of the urgency and necessity, not the number of EOs.
      If Reid is obstinate because he has been told to be, then a gridlock appears, and Obama can use his power of EO whenever. This is not what it is meant for. 1461 needs to compare apples and apples here, then let's see the results.

    7. Anonymous7:00 PM EDT

      we think people should really listen to both sides before saying anything congress tryed to pass a lot of things Obama said he wasn't going to pass anything congress tryed to pass he isn't working with the congress he'd rather have np back whom passed everything and spent as bad as the obama have they have spent more money than any other President we've had. He is giving millions to the borther hood in cario and look it up where our money is going next to their extravagant trips and places they sayed at and dinners and all the people they take with them its time we stopped paying for all their vacations and they start putting money into their own health care now and when they all retire we shouldn't pay for any of them when they leave they should pay their own way not us,and close the borders for ever and get back background checks and no totalization or redistiburtion of our benefits disabilties SS and SSI or goverment subsidizing welfare was to help the poor get on their feet and find jobs and education Roosevelt wanted SS for those that never worked because someone took care of them and a lot didn't make big wages in 30's for a long time and that was to help them survie not everyone getting it like our Birth Certificate it should been kept for the Natural Born Americans and they had the background check and spoke read write our English and payed to be here and took care of their families should be the only ones voting with ID and Legal docuement and finger prints. that is way we can't let them give free every thing,they will take from the rich to give to the poor and when the well dryes and no jobs who' are they going to get the money from then. those that stared this mess will run out this state so wake up now folks go ahead vote for him again he is playing the same game as in 2008 to give you his story once again if he loved this state why did he let so many in our state why does he have secert meetings with the latinos and muslim -why didn't he do the pipeline for jobs and why stop Boeing from going away why can't we pray and say God - Jesuse on our prayer day that we don't have any more and they do. grow up and look about you our children are not learning about our history or our hoildays and where's the crosses every where and our Flag and state flags. why do we have to pay so much to the UN that wants taxes of are sea's and and a lot more get them out of here and why is that muslim still alive that killed our military people and families when does he wake up muslims want to run this country and do away with those that protest their may be good ones here but we'd love to see them stand up for us.. . God Bless us all and my God watch our children from Muslims and terroriset that hate us.

    8. Anonymous2:02 PM EDT

      I say we put them back on a volunteer basis - no pay and no benefits. They should be working people who have to provide for themselves just like we do.

    9. Anonymous8:41 PM EDT

      The problem isn't with what they are paid or not paid. None of them get wealthy from their pay, it's the dirty money that makes them rich (while in office) Next, who is there to stop them from the corruption? ALL politicians that vote in favor of deficeit (sp) spending should have ALL of their assets ceased unless we would have a military emergency. Bonuses could come from a percentage of money that a elected one would save the tax payers.

    10. If we want to only have wealthy government workers or third world country corruption we would implement a minimum wage legislature.

    11. To anonymous @ 7:00 EDT, that is a large amount of writing but little of it is accurate. Obama has reached out to congress and offered many spending cuts. Meanwhile, congress will not bring any Democratic sponsored bills to a vote, and the Senate has filibustered hundreds of times, including a bill to stop the sequester cuts. All presidential vacations are expensive, the cost of security for POTUS and family and press corps is always high. But Obama has taken fewer vacation days than any of the modern Republicans, in fact, in the modern era, Carter took the fewest days, Clinton was second and Obama is third. All Presidents need some days off. As far as 'taking from the rich' the truth is that the wealthy have been taking from everyone else at a record rate, using their power to grab an unfair amount of the country's total wealth. Meanwhile, despite increased productivity, the American worker hasn't had a raise in thirty years. The government needs to help redress the situation.that is a large part of what taxes and benefits do. America does better with a more fair distribution of wealth. The middle class cannot purchase because they don't have the financial resources. WE need stimulus to help create Demand, giving the MC the ability to buy the stuff they want. Then the investment class will provide Supply. It does not work to assume Supply will create Demand. As far as spending, Obama has cut discretionary spending to its lowest level since WWII. We do NOT need more spending cuts, we need growth, and a slower raise in spending, which will bring down the deficit. But we are already halfway back to where we were when GW Bush took over from Clinton and squandered the surplus. We need engaged conservatives to stand up tot the tea party and stop the obstruction, conservatives and liberals have worked together before, using give and take compromise, and it has made America great. We are the kind of country that doesn't say "tough luck, pal, you are going to starve" when someone has misfortune. If we start doing that, we lose the very values our servicemen and women fought so hard to protect. Don't make America a knee-jerk backwater home for money-grubbing overlords, fair pay and fair taxes leaves us all better off. Check the blog at for more information on all ofthis. We need a better vision for the future,
      "America needs 2020 Vision"

    12. I say this to any American who is not willing to put their name out when they write a public opinion. you are a chicken!!! the best part of living in America is the freedom of speech, if you believe in what you say and you believe its right then why do you have to hide yourself? I can respect your opinion as well as mine should be respected. you should show yourself and take claim to all your comments. the rest do.

    13. Anonymous12:05 PM EDT

      Yep! Make them use this crappy upcoming Obamacare. We also need term limits and their salaries as Lawmakers should not exceed $75,000 a year. Once they are out, they get no pension or perks... its up to them to fund their own retirment.

    14. Anonymous9:11 PM EDT

      To You need to check your facts because the fact of the matter is that Obama and Ried BOTH said neither one of them was willing to compromise on the budget bill. However when the shutdown came KING Obama said himself that it was because the House didn't want to compromise, when in FACT THE HOUSE sent over three different versions of the bill, the final one being a 45day funding of EVERYTHING INLCUDING OBAMACARE PROVIDED CONGRESS GIVES UP IT'S EXEMPTION FROM OBAMACARE ITSELF AND THE SENATE STILL REFUSED IT!!! So what's good for the American people isn't good enough for Congress - ANSWER THAT PLEASE! And we all know you're just one of those unpaid interns that get political connections in exchange for researching and posting "good things in defense of the great and all powerful KING OBAMA" like this. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! OBAMA DOESN'T WANT CONGRESS TO MAKE THE LAWS AS THE CONSTITUTION SAYS SO, HE WANTS TO MAKE THEM ALL HIMSELF - AS ANY GOOD NORMAL TYRANICAL DICTATOR WOULD!

  2. Anonymous2:35 PM EDT

    My plan would be to match their pay with that of first-year enlisted military personnel, limit them to two terms, force them to participate in whatever benefit and retirement programs are afforded the military and eliminate their current golden parachute retirement package.
    But since THEY would have to agree to sign that into law, it will never happen.
    However, WE have the ability to limit each and every one of them to ONE term by voting AGAINST EVERY INCUMBENT, EVERY ELECTION, regardless how much special interest lobbyists spend in advertising to keep them in office.

    Burbank, CA

    1. Anonymous11:22 AM EDT

      We do have that ability, yes. Do you suggest following through on that to eliminate as well those who DO genuinely try to understand the range of interests represented, try to collaborate honestly and fairly, work to find valid common ground, and do create more good than waste?

      Or should we just junk them anyhow, as if they were all the same?


      That makes a great bumper sticker! And best of all, that attitude leaves us free to go on without EVER thinking *intelligently* about the actual issues or individual merits. DON'T THINK! JUST SHOOT!

    2. Anonymous4:16 PM EDT

      You just can't pick and choose those you feel would "try to collaborate honestly and fairly work to find valid common ground, and do create more good than waste?" Who would select these "idealists" for us? You know as well as I that if left to that choice EVERY voter would say "MY congressman isn't corrupt and he-she should be allowed to stay."

    3. Anonymous8:59 PM EDT

      This is an interesting dilemma. Remove all incumbents each election so they have zero incentive to do any good whatsoever during their term, but inversly have more incentive to pander to anyone who might be of benefit to them after their one term.

    4. Anonymous11:40 PM EDT

      I wonder why Boxer and Feinstein are STILL in office!! Californians who keep voting for them are just plain stupid.

    5. Anonymous12:50 AM EDT

      I've heard of and support the idea of 12 years maximum in Congress. There would have to be two exceotions: anyone who serves less than one year of a vacancy, may still serve 12 additional years and every current member of Congress could run for reelection one more time, despite the 12 year limit.

      Now, get Congress to agree! Lots of luck.

  3. Anonymous3:21 AM EDT

    On a regular basis, changes to salaries and benefits of:
    a Representative shall be voted upon by that Representative's district;
    a Senator shall be voted upon by that Senator's State legistlature;
    the President shall be voted upon by Congress;
    a Supreme Court Justice shall be voted upon by Congress and approved by the President

    OR, better yet, repeal the 17th Amendment and have term limits for all Senators and Congressmen!

  4. Anonymous6:52 PM EDT

    Harley Spoon, Austin, Texas said: If we did what y'all want to do with congressional pay, we'd have 435 millionaires in the US House and 100 millionaires in the US Senate and the result would be a federal oligarchy/plutocracy...No middle class citizen would be able to afford to run for the House or Senate much less afford a place to stay in Washington, DC while the congress is in session and they'd certainly not be able to get back to their districts to feel the pulse of their constituents!! Then y'all would really have something whine about!

    1. Anonymous9:16 AM EDT

      What middle class citizens are holding a seat in Washington, now? Or even running for a seat?

    2. Anonymous12:51 PM EDT

      Good point.

  5. Anonymous6:56 PM EDT

    Harley Spoon, Austin, Texas said: Term limiting congressmen and senators is no more than spitting on the right of the American body politic to determine who it wants to represent it in US House and the US Senate under the democratic republican concept of the "consent of the governed!"

  6. Anonymous9:51 AM EDT

    The US Senate and US House of Representatives should have the same Insurance by which they plan to put us under through Obamacare. Why do they think they should be given any special favors and are different from what we have. They have had a gravy train for years, voting their own special benefits, retirement and anything else they can obtain by their own votes. This should be our decision what they receive not their decisions. When do you get to tell your boss when you will receive an increase in salary and benefits. They have forgotten, they work for us..The American Citizen. But; we the people have allowed them to obtain all these great benefits by not speaking up and taking control of our own government. They should ONLY serve 2 terms not for their entire life. Why do you think they spend so much money tring to be elected? so they can be set for life when they leave office. What has happened in Washington, most of the people in office are there for their own political and financial gain, not for which the office they uphold is designed to do for America and the people. Now we have Obama which is completely trying to transform American into something no one will even recognize. He is totally trying to place America under the control of the United Nations as one world order. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Get this man out of office.

    1. Anonymous11:12 PM EDT

      The text I’ve read when I first came upon this site was that any executive order the president signs Congress can resend within 30 day, so how do Our Congress allow these things to happen, I believe we’re crying over the wrong issue(s). The problem in addition to an overzealous president is a nonfunctioning Congress.

    2. Anonymous8:29 PM EDT

      AGREE Strongly...they should have to live under the laws they exceptions. The problem is there are so many people who don't bother to stay informed and make an effort to contact their representatives to show they disagree with their actions. BO has had a majority of his own party blocking every effort the other side has tried and yet they tell the public it is the other party causing the blocking of legislation. They were crazy enough (Obamazombies) to vote an inexperienced "organizer" into the highest office in the country with control over all of us...which shows how much they want to know about truth and experience for the person who holds our country's values, protection and world actions in his hands...and they voted in this guy!!! God help us all if they vote him in again!

    3. Anonymous6:00 PM EST

      I'd be more than happy to accept the insurance provided by Obamacare.

      I have stage 1 diabetes and i couldn't get covered when i moved to a new job - after years of paying insurance. It was costing me $800 a month.

      Now I can get covered. Thank you Mr President. Ignore the haters.

  7. Anonymous11:47 AM EDT

    Fini, number #10, shit-can.

  8. Anonymous4:00 PM EDT

    Those people suggesting minimum wage salary and no health insurance are living in a fool's paradise.
    Their corruptness and personal appropriation of taxpayer dollars along with favored deals on stock purchases would increase concurrently with the reduction in wages. Hasn't everyone noticed that even those who come into Congress with average wealth always leave years later as bona fide millionaires. Cut their pay and they'll make it up with more corruption and theivery. There is only one answer to this problem and it is TERM LIMITS. We must find candidates who will support limits, and I mean ONE FOUR YEAR TERM and go back home before they learn the tricks of corruption and theft in Congress and the White House. Judges should NOT be lifetime appointments, they should rotate every four years with the private sector.

  9. Anonymous10:52 AM EDT

    Any elected position in the Government as Congress, Senate, President, V.Pres., Governors, and other state elected positions should all have terms.
    These are postions elected by the people and many loose sight that they are working for the people. Those in these positions, just like military positions, should be an honor to serve, and have an end date/term. This type of service may be a career, but those elected should be more accountable as any civilian who wants to work up the ladder of success. No one should expect to be promoted unless they actually performed their job well. Too many people want, want, want. I'm tired of hearing about the word entitlement. That is an attitude that is out of control. What happened to parent's teaching from the beginning respect for others, responsibility and work, and earning what you get because you prove you are doing good. DO YOUR JOB, PROVE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS, THEN MAYBE WE CAN AFFORD TO GIVE YOU A RAISE.

  10. Anonymous9:09 AM EDT

    Stop volunteering to be a slave to a corporation (14th ammendment - alleged). Title 26 US Code is NOT POSITIVE LAW and the supreme law of the land is the constitution and has no laws limiting what a living soul can do. Stop falling into the Hegelian philosophy of the monied powers.

    1. Anonymous9:17 AM EDT

      Part of the problem is that the Constitution has laws that have been rendered a mote point based on precedence. I suspect that is how the 2nd amendment will be defeated at some point.

  11. Anonymous5:24 PM EDT

    first let us all understand one thing, the american slave is no longer the one that pays the representative goverment, now it is the corporations that with their monopoly money pays their wages and we the citizen are only a third world country slave that is allowed to make enogh money to keep you alive, when working and survive if retirment came your way by force of illness or unemployment.
    the money that people still still donate to try to place a good man into office will always be derail, by the zionist media who owns all televised, radio and printed media, so all that money only rotates back to the ones that are oppressing you since not only control the media but control the banking system and corporate money.
    The only way we might be able to fight back is by not giving any money to any congregational organized church disregarding the label they wear, episcopal, catholic,methodist church of god unitarian, etc. since the only thing you are doing is creating parasites that live like kings and then send millions of dollars to a fascist state of israel.
    organize through the tea party that was created after Ron Paul movment, not the tea party from the east coast that was supporting sarah palin, and help them organize a governors meeting where they would commit to a passage of law, like the one Germany passed, where it "Bans Circumcision" making it a crime punished to up 30 years any body commiting the crime of mutilation on an infant with out its concent, and a pedophilia crime for sucking the blood of the infants penis right after the circumcision has been performed.
    tdhese law would force these criminal zionist to leave the united states as it is happening in Germany now, you see all laws that have been passed for the last century plus have been against christian belivers, but never any law that afects the zionist jews, that is why they feel like gods in our republic given executive orders and ruling on us with out mercy. unless we change the table on them we are finished if all the working class and gentil owned buisness refuse to colect taxas and citizens refuse to file taxas there are not enogh jails to pu all in jail and would force the people that are not willing to wake up to do so.
    we shuld do what Russia did under Christian Beliving Putin, he removed all international banks and corporations from Russia that is why the zionist in america hate him, I don't mind been hated by satan , DO YOU ?.

    1. Anonymous2:04 PM EDT

      "creating parasites that live like kings and then send millions of dollars to a fascist state of israel"??

      What hate-filled trough have you been drinking from? This forum should be more solution-oriented than the usual blogs out there. The vast majority of Americans, thank God!, are horrified by what you propose.

    2. Anonymous8:33 PM EDT

      Agree...this person is hateful and only attacks Christians ...don't hear them saying something about the radical Islamists. Go live with Putin and other communists and see how well this person likes it.

    3. Anonymous5:01 PM EDT

      And you wonder why Ron Paul supporters are labeled? I happen to like most of Mr Paul's positions, but you sir sound like you are on something. My father was uncircumcised.This caused him to have much trouble urinating when he reached age 86.
      I was circumcised, (not for religious reasons). I have a great sex life with my wife of 32 years, praise God! I do not remember the operation though I am sure I screamed just as little girls who's parents force them to have their ears pierced do. Would you also outlaw that practice? I suggest you lay off the medical marijuana.

  12. Anonymous9:16 AM EDT

    Perhaps term limits with the exception that if you can garner 90% or more of your constituency you can remain in office?

  13. Anonymous4:38 AM EDT

    It's easy to tell from your garbled English that you are not a native of this country. I would not have much trouble betting as to what part of the world you hail from. May I say with out fear of contridiction that it is not Israel.
    Your suggestions concerning Jewry have been tried before and then Tried before an International Court as War Crimes. I do not believe that your expressed opinions would meet with the approval of my fellow Texan, Ron Paul, so don't use him as an example when you are spilling your bile over the rest of us.

  14. Anonymous9:54 PM EDT*PLC8%22%40%20%20%0A

    1. Very nice Anonymous - I think this should have a page by itself -
      And now it is on the way - Knowledge is power people
      thank you

  15. Anonymous11:53 AM EDT

    Anything the pass progress. Last sunday i handed my 13 year old a constitution. Told him to READ IT! If only he knew how lucky he was and how it's all slipping away. President after president is eating away at that document. FDR didn't play by the rules, because progressive don't care about the rule book. Obama doesn't play by the rules.

    1. Anonymous6:01 PM EST

      which parts are slipping away exactly ?

      I bet you cant name one (that's an actual true fact)

  16. Anonymous8:50 PM EDT

    My understanding is that Executive Orders have two main functions: to modify how an executive branch department or agency does its job (rule change) or to modify existing law, if such authority has been granted to the President by Congress. Executive orders are not mentioned by the Constitution, but they have been around a long, long time. How is it Constitutional that Congress can just had it's power over to the Executive branch? The Constitution says "All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives." I don't see the part where they can delegate that authority to another branch. Isn't this what the "checks and balances" were supposed to protect us from?
    Since the people really have no Constitutional right to elect the President (the electoral college does that) how can we still call ourselves a government of the people, by the people, and for the people?

  17. Joe ripp8:02 AM EDT

    Why is everyone here anonymous? If you are afraid to take the heat stay out of the kitchen. I occasionally make a mistake in my statements as most do. I say Mea Culpa and move on. My opinion in many cases the congress is shirking their duty on these executive orders. I see no reason for the president to have the right to take over food in this country under current conditions.same with power generating ability. There should be contingency plans that could be put in place but the current EOs are too broad and make it too easy for a President to become a dictator. JMHO Come on people be Americans and use your names to keep our freedom of speech!

  18. Joe ripp8:06 AM EDT

    anonymous 850 PM We have a republic if we can keep it. Look it up. This is why we need to put names here as there is no good way to designate WHO you are responding to.

  19. Anonymous3:11 AM EST

    You guys are right about a lot but y'all know before something go down we need to come together before anything happens. You know what I miss is the love we once had for one another that''s why all this is happening to us because we have no love in our hearts the way it used to be the way God loves us even the one's who don't believe in God I pray for because. God loves us all no matter what.even if they don't have faith in them selfs. It so sad how people only care about in this world is just money in how much more they can get. It's sad how selfish everyone is no one show love the way it use to be when we were growing up in this world it was more love back then. But now it's none left it's just sad all the hatred in a lot of people hearts today in this world I have not herd no one talk about gods love for us when we have a scary moment like this that's when we suppose to come together more with our faith there's nothing like having faith in God and in ourselves knowing that he will always have our back when we need him the most. Stop having arrogantness, ungratefulness,disobedientness,stop being conceited,being lovers for money. And be lovers for GOD. Don't denie his let's Claim his willingness. Let's pray for what going on with every thing that's on our minds right now. Because God is able

  20. Anonymous9:20 PM EST

    best bumper sticker ever "Ignorant People should NOT Bread" or they will become senators, congressmen and maybe even presidents!

  21. Anonymous12:10 PM EST

    " ...Executive Order privilege granted to the President of the United States by the Constitution. "


    Jefferson stated that when he read between the lines of the Constitution, all he saw was blank space.

    Any executive order operates on the executive branch, not the citizenry.

  22. Anonymous9:08 AM EDT

    Congress should be paid what the average American makes and lo lobbying should be illegal.

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