the FAQ

Here are some of the more Frequently Asked Questions and answers to them. If you don't see the answer to your question here follow the directions at the bottom of this page.

Q: Why didn't my comments appear?

A: My spam filter is active and looking out for the 1461 and the community. It has saved the community from countless Viagra ads, wing-nut blah, Buy more stuff pages, Buy my stuff, Check out my stuff and things I should not describe in polite company. However, sometimes it will think legitimate posts are spam.

I offer the following suggestions for avoiding the rectangular spam can:

If you put multiple links in your post, you will be considered spam.
If you put a link and nothing else, you will be considered spam.
If you drop the F-bomb, you will definitely be considered spam.
If you have been labeled spam before, you will likely be considered spam.
If your comment violates the comment guidelines (see Comment Guidelines page) you may be considered spam.

Once you are thrown into the spam queue, your post will sit until I review it. I attempt to keep up with the volume of comment reviews daily however sometimes it may take me several days to get through the mess of spam. However, if you posted 3, 4, or 5 times I will only restore 1 post. Period.
Be patient, I will review your post as soon as I can.

Q: Do I have to be a member of the 1461 to add my $0.02 to the conversation?

A: Nope. Just keep in mind your comment will be automatically marked for review prior to posting.

Q: Do you accept Guest Blog submissions?

A: I do not solicit Guest Posts. If you are interested in having a piece you have written, that is original in nature and not a scrub or fully published on another site, please feel free to submit your piece for review. You can contact me at the e-mail address below or by reviewing the Contact 1461 page.

Q. Are there any other guidelines about posting?

A. Please keep comments on topic. I reserve the right to remove comments which I find offensive, inflammatory, or disrespectful. Differing opinions are welcome, but play nice or go find another place to play.

It's just politics folks.

Please see the additional Comment Guidelines if you have further questions regarding posting a comment.

If I forgot anything or you have a question not covered in the FAQ or Comment Guidelines Email me at and put FAQ or CG Question in the subject line.