Sunday, December 11

Pain and cold for the elderly and poor in New England is on the way

New England winters are known to be cold and I am sure this years winter will be no different.

After the New England areas just survived massive power failure due to a premature cold snap that had trees snapping and bringing down power-lines all over the North East we are now to look forward to the frigid arctic blasts slowing into the region and not being able to combat it by turning up the heat.

Electric heat is not the normal in New England as it is inefficient and price prohibitive. No one could afford the electric bills in New England if they had to heat their house along with light it.

Most heating units in single family homes are Oil or Natural Gas based.

New England has had heating assistance provided by the federal Government which has assisted with the elderly that live on a fixed budget and the poor who are living on unemployment and other state aid.

John Drew, who heads up Action for Boston Community Development, Inc., a community group that provides aid to low-income residents in Massachusetts said “They’re playing Russian roulette with people’s lives,”.

Congress is currently considering cutting and additional $1 Billion from last years already reduced $4.7 Billion Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. This program serves nearly 9 Million households in New England's mostly rural communities.

Winter heating bills for these regions can run into the thousands of dollars annually. For those on a fixed budget, the future is a cold one.

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