Saturday, December 17

Republicans: Obama 'playing politics' with pipeline - 1461: you are all playing politics

Sen. John Barrasso (R) of Wyoming has pointed at President Obama in the Republicans' weekly radio address and said that his moves regarding the proposed pipeline are little more than political grandstanding and that he "needs to stop playing politics".

I say by making that statement Sen. John Barrasso is also doing little more than political grandstanding and playing politics.

what else is new in DC?

To the Elected Democrats and Republicans in all political offices and positions - Stop the BS, start working together and fix the issues.

Work together or get out of office so we can get new people in your positions that will fix Americas Issues!

Unelected citizens from all 50 states could sit down and get the country back on track in a few days and I would bet we could do it without worrying about what party line we might cross.
We are Americans.
We have American issues.
We need to fix our American economy.

I am getting tired of seeing red and blue - we are the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

Remember the UNITED part and stop the divisions!

Read the original story by following this link: Republicans: Obama 'playing politics' with pipeline

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