Friday, December 11

Recent Republican Candidate Polls

Recent polls of likely Republican voters still have Donald Trump in a strong lead though it looks like Ted Cruz and Rubio are gaining traction as Ben Carson's support is slipping.

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According to a CNN poll of likely Republican voters in New Hampshire gave Trump 32% of the sample voters. 18 points behind him we find Marco Rubio with 14% of the poll responders support.

That same poll showed the rest of the field in a much tighter race with Christie at 9%, Bush at 8% Kasich with 7%, Cruz with 6%, Carson and Fiorina at 5%, Paul at 2% support and Huckabee and Graham both at around 1% of the poll respondents in support.

In contrast a USA Today / Suffolk University poll results showed Trump at 27%, Cruz at 17%, Rubio just behind Cruz at 16%. The balance of the field found Carson with 10% of the respondents in support of his bid, Bush led the bottom of the field with 4% support, Christie Paul and Kasich were all at 2% and on the bottom rung Fiorina Huckabee and Santorum garnered around 1% each.

In the next week or two, I would expect that we will hear announcements from 4 or 5 of the camps at the back of the pack as money will be drying up as support for them falls off further as the race for the candidate that can ensure Clinton doesn't win the White House.

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