Wednesday, February 3

(Video) President Obama at the Islamic Society of Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland
February 3, 2016

President Obama:  Well, good afternoon.  And, Sabah, thank you for the wonderful introduction and for your example - your devotion to your faith and your education, and your service to others.  You’re an inspiration.  You’re going to be a fantastic doctor.  And I suspect, Sabah, your parents are here because they wanted to see you so - where are Sabah’s parents?  There you go. Good job, Mom.  She did great, didn’t she?  She was terrific. 
To everyone here at the Islamic Society of Baltimore, thank you for welcoming me here today.  I want to thank Muslim Americans leaders from across this city and this state, and some who traveled even from out of state to be here.  I want to recognize Congressman John Sarbanes, who is here.  As well as two other great leaders in Congress - and proud Muslim Americans - Congressman Keith Ellison from the great state of Minnesota - and Congressman Andre Carson from the great state of Indiana. 

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