Tuesday, July 19

Melania Trump's speech - or Michelle Obama's speech

Melania Trump broke the silence on her twitter page
earlier this morning with a statement on her RNC 2-16 speech
Milania Trump's speech at the Republican National Convention was so close to Michelle Obama's 2008 Democratic National Convention speech that Milania (or at least her writers) must be a true fan of the current first lady. Though Milania's claims of being the one who wrote the speech just prior to her delivering the speech have now changed to she had a team of writers create the image stirring voyage into her childhood and future of our nation's children.

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Melania stole the show last night at the Republican National Convention especially after a full day spent discussing the dark undertones of illegal immigrants and exploring the depths of what the RNC feels is currently wrong with our nations political system - but
did she or her "team" of writers take a little more than the show?

Just prior to the speech Melania said in an interview while onboard Trumpforce One that she only practiced her speech once and didn't need more than that as she wrote it about her life.

Perhaps Donald Trump just loved Michelle Obama's speech so much that he decided to give it to Melania 8 years later

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