Monday, July 18

Meet the candidates - Let's look at the Trumps

Donald Trump is about to take the floor at the GOP national convention and tonight he will also have his current wife, Melania taking the stage and providing a speech to show his more human, non-business side.

It's no secret Donald Trump is looking forward to Melania becoming America’s first foreign born first lady in nearly 200 years and America's first - first lady born to card carrying communists from Slovenia.

Melania's father, Viktor Knavs, was a listed member of the League of Communist in 1970, a time when only 5% of the Slovenians were actually card carrying, listed members of the League of Communists. Before the break-up of socialist Yugoslavia in the 1990s, Slovenia was just one part of

the Communist country, a dictatorship under Marshall Tito, and a state of Soviet Russia.

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'Viktor was in the Party which helped you to get government jobs or higher positions,' a relative in the village recounted in a DailyMail article. 'Being in the Party made things a bit easier'

Both Melania's father and mother held down solid jobs at the state-owned children's clothing manufacturer Jutranjka, which, with 1,200 workers, was the town's best employer.

Amalija was a pattern-maker at the factory, and Viktor was a driver for one of the directors, although he later had a shop selling parts for cars and motorcycles.

It was not clear whether Knavs was 'a true believer', she acknowledged. 'Maybe he was just being pragmatic. Being in the Party made things a bit easier and meant he could help his family.'

But whether or not they believed, the Knavs' adherence to the regime's philosophy helped make life more bearable at a time when some goods including petrol were rationed because of shortages.

The relative explained. 'He had connections. He could always get little luxuries or essentials like car parts that other people couldn't get their hands on'.

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