Tuesday, December 1

US Marine found guilty of killing transgender Filipino

Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton met Jennifer Laude in a disco bar northwest of Manila while on leave after a joint military exercise in October 2014. On October 11th, a group of Marines, including Pemberton, met Laude and a group of her friends in the bar outside Subic Bay, a former Naval base.

Jennifer Laude and Lance Corporal Pemberton
Soon after Pemberton and Laude left the bar and checked into a hotel. Pemberton discovered that Laude was transgender while in the hotel room. Lance Corporal Pemberton left the hotel by himself about 30 minutes later. Hotel staff testified that Pemberton walked out leaving the door to the room ajar as he left.

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In August Lance Corporal Pemberton testified that he choked Laude during a fight that ensued after the realization that Laude was a transgender sex worker in the Phillipian sin city. Pemberton said the Laude was alive and in the shower when he left the room.

Philippine police say that Laude was strangled and then drowned in the hotels rooms toilet then left for dead as Pemberton left the hotel.

Lance Corporal Pemberton was convicted of homicide by Philippine Regional court and given a 6 to 12 year sentence to be served in New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City.

The Visiting Forces Agreement between the United States and the Philippines states that the Philippines has the right to bring charges and carry out judicial proceedings involving US Military personnel who commit offenses but that the United States retains custody over the personnel after the proceedings. The Philippine Supreme Court ruled in 2009 that US military personnel convicted of crimes must serve out the sentences handed down in the Philippines.

In the case of  Lance Corporal Pemberton the United States has compromised with the Philippine courts and have agreed to have Pemberton held in Quezon City under guard of the US Marines with additional Philippine military guards in ranks.

With the increased political tensions in the region as the United States and China involved in territorial disputes this will undoubtedly be a political talking point for weeks to come.

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